The Impossibility of Muslims’ Integration in Europe


By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

13-8-2007 (

In two earlier articles entitled ‘Integration of Muslims means Disintegration of Europe’ and ‘Reasons making Muslim Integration in Europe Impossible’, we evoked the impossibility of politics devoid of Moral Principles, and we briefly analyzed ten points - reasons that make the Muslims’ Integration in Europe absolutely impossible.

To help the reader fast recapitulate the points, we enumerate them here: 1) Centuries long European Hatred of Islam, 2) Fallacious Academic – Intellectual Background and Fake Identity of Modern Europe (Hellenism), 3) Misperception of the World History through the Scheme West vs. East, 4) Execrable Disfigurement of the ‘Other’ (Orientalism), 5) Demolition of the Ottoman Empire, 6) Tragic termination of the Islamic Civilization and Rise of Barbarism throughout the nominally Islamic territories, 7) Formation of Pan-Arabism / False Identity and Language for the colonized masses, 8) Methodic and perverse work of obliteration of the Berberic, Coptic, Aramaic and Yemenite Languages, Cultures and Identities, 9) Severe distortion of the National Histories of the illegally detached from the Ottoman Empire Peoples, matched with a multi-target confusion of the World academia, and 10) Distorted representation of the Oriental and Islamic Past for average European, Western and World readerships.

Indiscernible limits of the analysis

It goes without saying that not all the points have the same weight; however, it would be quite deceitful to concentrate on the most important ones, as the interoperability among all of them brought the disastrous situation that we have faced over the past decades, when the deterioration made of the issue the most important problem in our world.

There are several factors that divert many from identifying all the reasons – points we present in this series of articles; most of the people get the events through the magnifying / minifying / altering lens of the mass media. By over-focusing on one issue, one loses the real significance of another. Worse, for almost all, the problem started existing after September 11th, after they opened their eyes; this is too bad. When you have your eyes wide shut, you pay the consequence; actually nothing ended and nothing started on September 11th 2001. All the reasons for the present situation existed for decades and even centuries; if political elites of the world’s most powerful countries prove to be so ignorant, so irresponsible or so distorting, few chances of positive exit are left too all.

An Identity Issue

If anything, we have to deal with a modern Tower of Babel; an absolute lack of communication between two worlds. The differentiation is ideologically absolute, although one can certainly find admirers of one world existing within the opposite. Despite the fact that so called moderate parts of the two worlds seem or try to communicate, the reasons of miscommunication as we describe them in this series of articles are far stronger a factor than their eventual good intentions and willingness of some. Undeniably, it is an Identity issue.

The identification of these two worlds, conventionally called ‘Muslims’ and ‘Westerners’, is erroneous; both worlds are equidistant from Truth as regards their identity, nature, character, deeds and pending consequences. The very serious point is however that this issue is not primarily an Identity issue. That is why the attempt of ‘Western’ rationalists trying to place a kind of equilibrium and symmetry in the approach to the two worlds – that would superficially make the approach appear impartial and just – is not correct, and apparently does not work. The sooner some ‘Westerners’ realize this, the better for them; and no one should expect the ‘altera pars’, namely the ‘Muslims’, to understand that there is an Identity issue for them. Preponderantly, this issue is an Existence issue.

An Existence Issue

By this we do not mean a ‘survival’ issue. We allude to something far worse than what most of the ‘Western’ scholars and specialist have truly understood about the case. To be able to deal with Identity issues, one must first exist.

Muslims do not exist; not at the religious level which is a very secondary one. At the mental – intellectual level, the Muslim (or Islamic) World is dead, clearly, definitely and irreversibly dead. And the Islamic World was dead long before the end of the Islamic Caliphate (Ottoman Empire), and long before the earliest attempt of the ‘Modern West’ to first decompose and finally destroy the Ottoman Empire (Napoleon’s arrival in Egypt). This is precisely described in Point 6 among the already described and briefly discussed points as aforementioned. To do what they should in order to present before themselves issues pertaining to (their) Identity, Muslims should first exist; not necessarily as Muslims, but as fully and plainly functioning human beings able for alive mental and intellectual endeavors. But quite unfortunately, they do not.

The Muslim World is mentally and intellectually Dead.

This does not mean that individually some Muslims could truly be mentally and intellectually reborn; but the procedure is very difficult and very rare. The few Muslims, who came to mental and intellectual existence, did not have necessarily the needed historical knowledge to embark on Identity considerations or even did not care about Identity issues, being attracted by other scientific disciplines, and absorbed within the western daily life. By referring to mentally – intellectually reborn Muslims, we do not mean simple and pathetic, mental and intellectual mimicking of the Western intelligentsia that a mentally and intellectually dead can afford to undertake. After all, if some Muslims were mentally and intellectually reborn, if they had historical and philosophical background and knowledge, and if they developed an acute interest for Identity issues, they would certainly find themselves totally opposed to the entire of Muslim world.

Like this, we make crystal clear that nothing could possibly be expected from the Muslim world; it is a panacea for ‘Westerners’ to expect something like that from the Muslim world; it is far more possible – but certainly not easy – for the Western intellectuals to tackle correctly Identity issues, and with the advent of a groundbreaking conclusion that will demarcate a sheer rejection of today’s ‘Western’ intellectual and political establishment, to debate and envision options as regards the Muslim World of the mentally and intellectually Dead.

Further Reasons for the Impossibility of Muslims’ Integration in Europe

However, this subject goes beyond the scope of the present series of articles, and from this point onwards we will continue with the brief presentation of the further points – reasons that make the Muslims’ integration in Europe utterly impossible.

Point 11 – Forged disconnection of the Islamic Past from the Pre-Islamic Oriental Past, with catastrophic impact on both, colonized peoples and colonizing states

This academic choice characterized typically the Orientalist academia of the 19th century. Primarily, it may look relatively odd to observe anticlerical scholars – paragons of the French laic and secular intelligentsia or the British anti-papal elites focusing on the History of the Pre-Islamic and Islamic Civilizations, and avoiding to develop a very strong anti-Christian dimension. Studied and comprehended through historical, philosophical, ideological and historico-religious developments of the Pre-Christian and Pre-Islamic worlds, official Islam seems to be a far more corroborated religious phenomenon than official Christianity, empowered by a far greater historicity. This was very well known to Oriental academia of the Islamic Civilization Ages; Qurtubi and many others developed great arguments of refutation of Christianity on this ground – joined by various Jewish scholars of the Islamic Ages. Why forget this?

Well, although supportive of the Freemasonic Anti-clericalism and Anti-Christianism, any literature on this phenomenon would put a dead end to all efforts of distinction / differentiation between East and West, and to the ill-based ‘Hellenism’ and ‘Orientalism’ edifices that were geared to promote the superiority of ‘West’.

Of course, one could suggest that in this case the ‘West’ could incorporate Islam – a precursor of today’s situation (not at the social but at the intellectual – academic – educational – cultural levels, based on the historical, extensive presence of Islam in Europe). However, a European identity and policy that would incorporate Islam (as it is historically correct) would trigger the end of colonialism (and this has always been viewed as politically wrong by the Anglo-French elites).

Consequently, the academic disconnection of Islam from the Pre-Islamic and Pre-Christian civilizations of the Orient was exported to the colonized territories with even worse impact. It did not only contribute to their Historical Identity’s fragmentation; it reached the unbelievable divide between two topics and two categories of people, namely Pre-Islamic and pre-Christian Orient (viewed as one unit) and Islam. The specialists of the former were the European Orientalists and the experts on the latter were the local – uneducated, miserably uncultured and barbaric – sheikhs.

European Orientalists & local sheikhs: a false – and wrongly allowed – Divide

The people and the study topics formed two units completely different one from another; and they were viewed as diametrically ‘opposed’ to one another. Never did the Western islamologists attempt to convince local publics that their local sheikhs were ignorant, uneducated and un-Islamic, although this can be easily proved. They left the local publics calmly believe to their quasi-analphabet sheikhs, whom they did their best to make fear them, hate them, and defame them as Satanists in the eyes of the analphabetic masses of the detached Ottoman territories. Thus, the sheikhs advanced their perverse and absolutely erroneous teaching according to which the pre-Islamic civilizations were idiotic, mediocre, and utterly useless from the moment of Muhammad’s birth. There is nothing more erroneous than this; it is historically wrong and islamically erroneous.

Why did the Western Orientalists like to be hated? This is not difficult to grasp. Their plan was to push the local masses, and their cannibalistic leaders to absolute disaster, and total darkness as regards their past. This prevailed down to our days; the uncultured and disoriented populations (and particularly the elites) of the detached territories of the Ottoman Empire detest and disrespect their pre-Islamic and pre-Christian past, history, culture and antiquities. They never visit their antiquities (contrarily to Turks, Persians and Indian Muslims who care about their pre-Islamic past and monuments), and when they attempt to visit an archaeological place, this is a real burden that they try to turn to a kind of boring or laughable promenade.

Pseudo-Muslim sub-culture in pre-Islamic archaeological places

Of course, there they reproduce their total barbaric, pseudo-Muslim sub-culture, as it happened to me personally to notice once at the Isis temple-island at Philae (in the south of Aswan, Egypt). As it was summer, I was dressed in short and my body’s upper part was uncovered. A local tourist guide, probably Islamist, was disturbed to see me like that, and to mendaciously cover his real – and wrong – intention (i.e. imposition of a tyrannical and anti-Islamic, extremist concept), he asked me to cover myself "in respect of that place"; it was of course very easy for me to answer that the Pharaohs and the High Priests of Isis were uncovered in the upper part of their body – even when performing ceremonies – and that this was the correct thing to do in that place where so many bas-reliefs all around proved me historically true.

Point 12 – Anemic, anodyne and fallacious Western Doctrine of Islamology, as the most marginal and obscure doctrine of Orientalism

A scholarly discipline that focuses on a religion still in practice is by definition different from a discipline concentrated on an ancient civilization and religion that has no adepts in our times. The difference does not concern the methodology but the use and the teleology of the conclusions. If you consider Akhenaten as more authentic an expression of the Ancient Egyptian culture and thought than Horemheb and Ay who restored Ammonic polytheism and proscribed Atonic monotheism, you do not influence and you do not please or disturb anybody.

Quite contrarily, if you trash Ibn Taimiya and laude Ibn Rushd or Muhyi el din Ibn Al Arabi, you get into the eye of the cyclone of modern Islamists, who identify the former as their ideological forefather and pathetically denounce the two latter philosophers as heretics!

Because of this, the development of the Orientalist discipline of Islamology could be a great academic event, and straightforwardly used against the uneducated and ignorant sheikhs that with few exceptions (Turkey) are considered – by the barbaric masses and elites of the so-called Arabic speaking countries – as correct in all their pathetic judgments and disgusting idiocies.

Yet, the Western Islamologists formed an anemic discipline, gathered very few students around them, published extremely and shamefully little, translated even less, and never tried to prove to the disoriented and barbaric masses of the colonized Ottoman territories that their sheikhs are islamically wrong. This has already triggered serious consequences because it was a sinful act. It is imperative for a human to state the correct when seeing others tragically misled.

Even worse, the Western Islamology was geared to be an anodyne discipline that does not reveal anything that disturbs, does not undermine Christianity in anything, and rather helps all the other aspects of the colonial plan. Whereas it is normal for any scholar to love the chosen study subject, Islamologists did consciously undermine Islam to Western publics, and did intentionally misrepresent Islamic civilization. Their provocative underperformance and the shamefully limited funds accorded to this discipline will soon pay their dividends, and there will be no regret.

There is a pathetic attitude among the Western audiences to instinctively support anything ‘Western’; this will bring the entire West to its knees. It has to be immediately replaced by the Search for Truth. And the Truth about the Western Islamologists is this:

They all knew, and they all know that Islam has nothing to do with what is ridiculously believed to be the "Islamic headscarf"; this dress code does not represent historical Islam, and throughout Islam there have been many, entirely Muslim, societies whereby the women were lightly dressed, not covered, and at times uncovered in the upper part of their body.

- Where are the Western Islamologists to oppose and ridicule the terrorist pseudo-sheikhs of Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Amman, Damascus and all the rest pseudo-Islamic universities, who dare say that Muslim women ‘have’ to be covered by a headscarf?

- Where are the Western Islamologists to remind the terrorist sheikhs, their besotted and barbaric, pseudo-Muslim folk, and the uninformed Westerners that 170 years ago, all the Nubian women – and they were all Muslim – were uncovered and/or naked in the upper part of their bodies?

Worse developments were already undertaken by the colonial diplomats and academia, and no Islamologist would have been left in a European university position if saying anything that would become a hindrance to these colonial plans that we will analyze in the next article of this series.