Integration of Muslims means Disintegration of Europe


By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

10-8-2007 (

Too little, too late: this expression characterizes the post September 11th European approach to the (important for the Europeans) issue of the social integration of the Muslim populations.

For a Historian with non subjective criteria it may look comical and even absurd how Europeans dare imagine they could ever help integrate these populations that gullibly or intentionally European administrations allowed to enter - or attracted in - Europe. Certainly, there are ostensible financial reasons for the presence of cheap manpower in countries like France, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. and this may be quite easily understood. But were these reasons the only element to take into consideration? If this proves to be the real reason behind the presence of so great numbers of Muslim immigrants in Europe, the post WW II political – economic establishments of Western Europe are made exclusively of ideologically indoctrinated and politically myopic imbeciles.

If this ominous development of the last 60 years is the result of sheer coincidence and has gone unmonitored, uncontrolled and unnoticed until its dimensions became very preoccupying, the post WW II political – economic establishments of Western Europe are made exclusively of seriously dangerous and totally irresponsible people.

Moral Principles: the Supreme Law of All Societies, and All Social Endeavours

There is one, irreversible and inevitable, reality; as political and economic affairs are part of activities undertaken within the context of a society of human beings, the political and economic undertakings of the members of that society obligatorily have to abide by the moral principles of the society in question. If the political and economic undertakings of the members of a society do not reflect the existing moral principles of the society in question, the society gets soon disintegrated. Even worse, a society without moral principles in general is predestined to soon disappear.

The moral principles certainly vary from one civilization to another, from one country to another. This is normal and obvious; it does not change in anything the previous statement, namely that there have to be moral principles in a society. As a matter of fact, moral principles predetermine the radiation of a civilization and country. You never had a corrupt society lasting long in the History of Mankind. And certainly, higher the moral principles are, greater the civilization is. This evaluation is not short-term oriented, but reflects assessments over an entire period of History, i.e. possibly many centuries and at times millennia. This evaluation should not be misinterpreted either; a low moral principles realm does not necessarily disintegrate immediately, but it can last centuries – without a significant cultural radiation.

Practically speaking, we cannot afford to approach the phenomenon of History without a viewpoint that hinges on our moral principles. However picturesque she might be, Cleopatra VII of Egypt can never be taken as a perfect model of female ruler, as she committed suicide, a deeply immoral act.

Following this brief introduction, we can understand that Moral Principles are a determinant factor in the Search of Knowledge. There cannot be an immoral use of knowledge gathered upon a vicious target, and if this is the case, it always backfires, soon or late.

The Immoral Knowledge of Modern Europe: Unsurpassed Venom

As the world of Islam started being disintegrated in the 17th century, the European Academy rose in force. The long oppressed and tyrannized (in Western Europe) dynamics of the Mental, Intellectual, Artistic, Scientific, and Philosophical Force were unleashed at the times we call ‘Renaissance’ (an erroneous term), and after setting the bases of the method of Thinking and Analyzing, the Europeans embarked on the Systematic Research of the Past – the past of theirs, and the Past of the Others. This long procedure was undertaken over the past four centuries in a most immoral and ego-centric way. This statement should not be misread; as effort, the Search for the past was good, and the thirst for knowledge, exploration, and discovery are seminally human, and humanly brilliant. However, the final manipulation was mostly evil; and the original motif was at times truly malignant.

The very negative element in the aforementioned European Epic of Academic Research is to be identified with the Difficulty to accept an unpleasant reality, the Impossibility to undergo a severe Self-Criticism, the (egocentrically sought after) Profit, and the Willingness and Readiness to commit a sin and diffuse lies in order to possibly create a better Image (or Representation of the Past) for the badly (or never) accepted real (but not as brilliant as desired) ego. The bitter truth is that the act of diffusing a falsehood of the sort "My past is greater than the others" is not just a simple lie, a secondary oversight that another scholar would modify and correct. As mental and academic effort, it is utterly evil. And, as everything abides by the Law of consequence, this evil academic effort brings evil consequences and latter moment’s disastrous repercussions.

All we say here is that the European Search for knowledge and the Effort to represent the Antiquity were utterly immoral. The exaggeration of a preconceived imaginative ‘truth’, the replacement of the real, historical truth with peremptorily created images, the imposition of the imaginative as real and the elimination of the real (as unpleasant to psychologically corrupt and tore up egos), all these acts are unspeakably immoral. They consist in real murder, simply one cannot take the cases to a Court of Justice established among the human societies. However, in the same way one murderer, who committed blunt murder in the middle of a forest without being noticed by anyone, feels the consequences of his iniquitous act, when overcome by remorse, the consequences of the preposterous European academic reconstruction – representation of the European and the Human past are evident, omnipresent and overwhelming.

The Incredible Burden

There is therefore an inconceivably heavy – yet invisible – burden on the minds of the Europeans when trying to approach to the issue of the possibility of social integration of the Muslim immigrants in the average European societies. This burden is invisible because the system and the contents of the academic disciplines of Humanities have never been thoroughly, properly and effectively criticized, assessed and re-assessed, modified or partly rejected. Even worse, as the exploratory dynamism of the 18th and the 19th centuries has been replaced by late 20th century conventionalism and academic conformism, basic errors in conceptualizing things and developments – errors that go back to the 17th, the 18th and the 19th centuries – are out of reach by the modern, conformist and superficial pseudo-scholars who accept these errors as unquestionably correct. Recovery is not possible in this way, and error identification becomes an impossible task, as long as the error itself is invisible, because its layer is not to be dealt with.

At this point, we want to enumerate – not analyze – the issues that exert a negative impact on the European thinking about the Muslim immigrants’ integration in the European societies. These are the reasons for which the Europeans are predestined to fail when dealing with this issue. They consist in the incredible burden that we have good reason to believe that the Europeans will never be able to remove / get rid of; with all the tragic consequences that we will soon attest.

Point 1 – Centuries long European Hatred of Islam

Europe has crossed many pre- and post-Renaissance centuries of Catholic and Orthodox Enmity and Hysteria against Islam, and personally against the founder of this religion, Muhammad. Even worse, these centuries of paranoid hatred (up to the point of identifying Muhammad with the Antichrist) had a second, anterior, past: the Catholic – Orthodox abysmal hatred against Arian, Eutyches, Theodore of Mopsuestia, Nestorius and other Supreme Theologians, who heralded the theoretical – Christological positions of Muhammad.

Point 2 – Fallacious Academic – Intellectual Background and Fake Identity of Modern Europe (Hellenism)

The Modern European Identity, as emanating from the Renaissance and the Classicism, is very problematic, if not fake, and this adds on. The formation of Classicism consists in serious disfigurement of the Historical truth of the Mediterranean Antiquity; the errors are due to both, severe lack of sources (when Classicism emerged as a system of representation of the Antiquity, most of the ancient languages of the Mediterranean basin, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Hittite cuneiform, Hatti hieroglyphics, Ugaritic Cuneiform, Aramaic, Phoenician, etc. had not been deciphered) and disastrous misreading of Greek and Latin sources (either erroneous selection of ‘founding literature’ or misunderstanding of excerpts). Hellenism is a totally irrelevant fallacy that misled Modern Europeans with disastrous results.

Pont 3 – Misperception of the World History through the Scheme West vs. East

Building on Classicism, and the totally inconsistent Hellenism (that totally misrepresents the Balkan / Aegean / Anatolian World’s past), the late 18th century, colonial Academia of Europe, expanding and exploring, created an unprecedented, inhuman felony: the East – West Divide. This is the greatest historical lie of all times. There is no distinction between East and West, there was never such a divide, and this absolutely racist concept is a theoretical construction targeting at humiliating the colonized peoples who had a far more illustrious past than the Europeans; the most Ancient of the European intellectuals, the Greek Pre-Socratic philosophers, confessed that they were ignorant and they learnt everything as humble pupils of the Great Wise Elders and Priests of Babylon, Persia and Egypt. By alienating themselves from the identical (and not different) peoples of the Orient, the Europeans entrapped themselves in an impossible position, because of the (theologically, absolutely Satanic) creation of the ‘Other’, which now intends to demolish them. Worse developments occurred after the false creation of the ‘Other’.

Point 4 – Execrable Disfigurement of the ‘Other’ (Orientalism)

The formation of the doctrines of Orientalism (Egyptology, Iranology, Assyriology, etc.) had nothing to do with a honest and benign interest for erudition; it was a shameful, dishonest and criminal act of cultural usurpation of other peoples’ past, culture, identity and monuments. The Oriental disciplines were carefully kept out of the main interest and the bulk of pedagogical activities and endeavours in the European universities, as the main accent was always put on the ‘Western’ part of the ‘divided’ world (with great numbers of students conducted to Classical studies). Even worse, critical conclusions and acquisitions of Orientalist research were kept out of the general readership, excluded from the mainstream historical manuals of the Primary and Secondary education, marginalized within newspapers and magazines. When a supposedly informative and groundbreaking article is published in magazine, a review, and a newspaper about Oriental civilizations, the accent is always put on the material not the intellectual, mental and spiritual achievements. Of course, there is never a comparison, because the Fallacy Europe cannot stand the Truth that in the early 5th century BCE, in the clashes between the Persians and the Athenians, the Top elements of Civilization, Knowledge, Science, Wisdom, Erudition, Culture, Art, and Humanism, were all on the Iranian side, and the Athenians represented the ignorance, the misery, and the barbarism. Even the word ‘barbaric’ is not Greek but Assyrian – Babylonian, as Greeks misunderstood the term ‘Baru Balu’ that meant the ‘unholy land’. Quite viciously – within the same context –, the Europeans select as positive example and point of reference those who were rejected by the Top Center of Civilization in the entire South Balkan area, namely the Oracle at Delphes that had advised all the Aeolians, the Ionians, and the Dorians to make peace with Darius and become part of the Iranian Empire.

In an even more disreputable way, the Orientalism progressed as the ground work performed by racist European academia, acting mostly as agents of secret services of the colonial empires that perpetrated the following most nefarious deed - epitome of duplicity and malignancy. Instead of properly explaining to local populations, Muslim, Christian or other, the importance (for them, not the Europeans) of unveiling, studying and incorporating their past into their present and the significance of Historicity in a pertinent nation building effort, they manipulated local feelings in a way to turn the local populations to indifference and even more to hatred of the archeological unearthing and the historical reconstituting their past. Like this, they permanently prohibited nation building procedures similar to those practiced in Europe, being responsible for engulfing these populations in absolute ignorance, hatred of their past and their identity, and permanent cultural – intellectual – academic stagnation. In parallel, they embarked on a disastrous work that alone could easily lead to the present situation.

Point 5 – Demolition of the Ottoman Empire

Of course, main responsible for this work are France and England, not Germany, Austria – Hungary, Italy or Russia. The previous sentence is enough to reveal a possible way and remedy of the explosive situation with the Muslim immigrants in Europe. If Germany gets rid of the French impact and influence, if Germany, Italy and Poland form a decolonizing alliance within Europe – against France and England –, if this Mitteleuropa eliminates the colonial elements from any activity within the European Union, closely working with the US (whose worst enemy is not Ossama Bin Laden but England and France), then Europe will have a chance to solve the problem with Muslim immigrants.

The demolition of the Ottoman Empire was the most perverse, anti-Islamic act throughout the History of Islam. Little matters whether the Iranian Ayatollahs share this opinion or not; of course they do not, because the Ottoman Empire was the their rival in diffusing their Shia version of Islam, and more importantly because the two countries were successive formations of the Sassanid Empire of Iran and the Eastern Roman Empire, so when fighting against each other in the 18th century they represented 15 centuries of confrontation!

The demolition of the Ottoman Empire was the most perverse, anti-Islamic act throughout the History of Islam. Little matters whether terrorists like Ossama Bin Laden and the (stupidly considered by Europeans as non terrorist) muftis of Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem share this opinion or not; of course they do not, because the Ottoman Empire is enemy no 1 for all Islamic extremists. The reason is simple; all the Islamic Extremists are a Western product. They do not originate from the World of Islam. The world of Islam, as civilization and political power, does not exist. Islamic civilization was gradually extinguished in the late 16th – early 17th centuries. When Napoleon arrived in Egypt in 1798, there was no Islamic Civilization, but the absolute darkness of the post-Islamic Barbarism. And with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the existence of any real and possible Islamic State terminated.

The demolition – gradual decomposition of the Ottoman Empire allowed the criminal colonial powers of England and France to perpetrate the most iniquitous deeds in the Modern History. This was absolutely immoral; of course, it could last 10 years, 20 years, 100 years. However, it would end with the total destruction of both colonial countries. That is why it is important for America to disentangle itself from the Anglo-French pestilence. That is why it is crucial for Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and others to reconsider Europe (along with Turkey, Ukraine and Russia), through first the rediscovery of their Authentic Identities (German, Italian, etc.), and second the marginalization, denunciation and castigation of France and England.

The demolition – gradual decomposition of the Ottoman Empire brings us in straight line with all current developments, and with the European crisis with the Muslim immigrants. What happened as consequence of this ominous choice of the colonial powers can be enumerated in a few more points that complete the Incredible Burden of today’s Europe; this will be the subject of a forthcoming article.