The falsification of the Aramean (Syriac) Language

Syriac developed as an Aramaic dialect of Edessa (present-day Urfa, inSoutheast Turkey), a centre of early intellectual activity. It soon became an important literary language around the second and third centuries A.D. According to patriarch Afrem Barsauwm (d. 1957), the original Syriac language was developed by Paul Bar Arqa of Edessa and later was known as Estrangelo (The History of Syriac literature and science). Many experts confirm that Syriac is a very close dialect to the one spoken by Jesus Christ. Aramaic indeed played a very important role before and after the coming of Jesus Christ. 

Here below we present the prayer of the Lord (“Our father in the Heaven”) in the three Syriac scripts.

In the very beginning of Christianity our people were geographically divided into West-Arameans and East-Arameans. Roughly speaking, the East-Arameans were those living in Persia and the West-Arameans were those living in the Roman Empire. Subsequently, two different dialects from classical Syriac (Aramaic) were derived. These dialects are called: West-Syriac and the East-Syriac.

The Eastern dialect is spoken by the East-Aramean Nestorians and is since 20th century called “Assyrian language” after the East-Aramean Nestorians of Hakkaria and Urmia were brainwashed by the Western missionaries to see themselves as “Assyrians”. Here below a few examples of websites are given whereby they try to falsify the language spoken by Jesus Christ and call it falsely “Assyrian language”.

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