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Forgiveness of the sins

jezus1.jpg (41711 bytes) He was humiliated, derided, despised, persecuted, scolded, ill-treated and crucified for our sins.

(Matthew 27:1-36, Marcus 15:1-47, Luke 23:1-56, John 18:1-40, 19:1-42)

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Nowadays, the people have to deal with a lot of problems and questions. Some persons, who have done wrong things in their life, fetch up in a spiritual distress. They often don't know how to get out from such dejectedness. One get guilty feelings and as a result of that the self-assuredly gradually disappears. This guilty feeling causes, in the time, more sins and the involved person becomes the slave of the sins. In the end, one has created his own world and, so to speak, they are constant struggling with themselves. Every time he tries to get out of this terrible situation of sins, his attempt fails.

The only way to get out from such a world of "sins", is to accept the blood of Jesus Christ which is shed on the mountain of Golgotha. Jesus Christ is crucified for the sins of the human being. Everybody who is prepared to stop with the sins and accept Jesus as his Saviour and Lord, his sins will be forgiven. The addiction can be: Use of drugs, sexual perverse actions, desire of getting power and sickly leaning to dominate other peoples, to subdue others, lying, slandering, backbiting, spreading of lies in order to destroy other peoples, distort the peace, greedy for many, gambling, be an alcoholic and leading a life according his desires.

Our Lord Jesus says about this way of life:,, I am telling you the truth: everyone who sins is a slave of sin,, (John 8:34)

Some people describe our time as the time of the sins. If we take a look, from the perspective of the Bible, to this time we now living in, one could say that the sins are spreading on the "curb" which anyone can pick it up from the floor. Every where, there is no love and warmth. There is almost everywhere chilliness and unjust. Many people violate the God's laws and there is nobody who takes care about love, tenderness, justice, solidarity and unity. The result of this is that a lot of young people were attracted by the sins, because every one "can catch it". Some of them became slaves of porno films and sexual immorality (magic and occults), other became a slave of drugs, and others became slaves of stealing and some of them end up in the criminal world etc.. I think that it is obvious that many young people, who have somehow a "Christian" education, in the end will become red in the face due to their way of life.

A few people have asked me the next questions:

  1. If someone has committed a lot of very ugly and terrible sins, which you cannot describe, is there a way out?
  2. If you have done a lot of shameless sins, is it possible that the sins could be forgiven?
  3. If you have, for example, committed fornication or have used drugs and more of these ugly things, is it possible to get forgiveness for that?
image52.gif (5301 bytes) The Bible says,, The Lord will crush everyone who sins and rebels against Him; He will kill everyone who forsakes Him" (Isaiah 1:28) kruis3.jpeg (3396 bytes)


One of the most important things, which our Lord Jesus Christ has preached, during His residence on this earth, was the forgiveness of the sins. Jesus always focussed the attention on the faith, love and forgiveness. When someone became religious and paid repent, his sins were immediately forgiven. Jesus was always calling the people to stop with the sins and to follow Him. As far as I can understand from the Bible, our Lord Jesus Christ has never said:,,Why did you committed the sins?, but He said always,, why don't you stop with the sins? " If someone decided to became a follower of Jesus, his/her sins were immediately forgiven. There is nobody excluded, everybody is welcome!

Jesus says,, People who are well do not need a doctor, but only those who are sick" (Matthew 9:12). And in Luke 19:10 we read,, The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost"

What is the meaning of the previous? What did our Lord want  to tell us? Well, those who believe in God, know how to life according His wiliness and law. They are the people who do no need a doctor. They obey the Lord, by leading a holy life in agreement with His way. That is the reason, they do not need a doctor, because they are not sick! They fully devote themselves to the Lord God and keep in this way themselves spiritually pure and pleasant to the Lord.

Sinners are sick! They lead a life, which is completely in contrary to the wiliness of the Lord. They do everything, which is forbidden. They don't care about anything. They lead a life, just they want to. They are lost! Our Lord Jesus was seeking for these sinners! That is the reason when He says,, The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost,,. If our Lord Jesus had not came to this world, than all the sinners and godless people were destined for the hell, because sinners and godless people are far from the knowledge and love of the Lord God. They go the whores, they are dealing in pornography, white-slave trade, with smuggling of people, with slandering people, with lying and cheating, with separating into parties and groups, making many lost, with greedy things and with immoral actions. This means that they are leading a life of total freedom. There is no any restriction for their conscience! They do everything like they want to! Sex, many, power and perverse actions are the main goal in their life. This means that the immorality is very high! Those people have made sex, many and related things as a "sort of holy pleasure". The Bible says about them,, ..they will love pleasure rather than God; they will hold to the outward form of our religion, but reject its real power (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

Also those who have committed a murder and a lot of other related matters, they are not living in according with the Wiliness of the Lord, but they are leading a life in accordance with the law of the Satan. The Bible says about them,, Anyone who does evil things hates the light and will not come to the light, because he does not want his evil deeds to be shown up. But whoever does what is true comes to the light in order that the light may show that what he did was in obedience to God" (John 3:20)

kruis5.jpeg (2332 bytes) The Bible says,, Rid yourselves, then, of all evil, no more lying or hypocrisy or jealousy or insulting language" (1 Peter 2:1)


When a person, who is leading a life like I described in the beginning, decide to give him/her to Jesus Christ and let subsequently al of his/her sins behind, than our Lord Jesus Christ will forgive him/her!

The pain, the distress, the tears, the whiplashes, which Jesus did suffer, and His blood cleans every kind of sins. We therefore can say,, That every person- no matter his problems, his situation or his sins- who decide to convert to the Lord God will get forgiveness by the blood of Jesus Christ for all committed sins!"

This is a powerful salvation, which cannot be made undo by whoever. That is the meaning of 1 John 3:8 where we read,, The Son of God appeared for this very reason, to destroy what the Devil had done"

Yes dear reader, to destroy the work of the Satan, that was the reason why our Lord Jesus came to this world. By His crucifixion and resurrection, He destroyed the work of the Satan. Our Lord Jesus is the great winner!! The Satan lost the struggle! Thus, everybody who accepts Jesus Christ will be rescued from the pitfalls of the Satan. But those persons who don't want to change themselves, the Bible says about them,, Whoever continues to sin belongs to the Devil, because the Devil had sinned from the beginning" (1 John 3:8)

Why blood of Jesus Christ?

jezus3.jpg (55369 bytes) The Lord says,, If My people pray to Me and repent and turn away from the evil they have been doing, then I will hear them in heaven, forgive their sins....(2 Chronicles 7:14)

We can ask the question: Why only the blood of Jesus Christ can forgive the sins of the mankind? What is the reason behind this? Why is His blood necessary for the forgiveness of the sins?

Here below, an example will be discussed to explain the reason for the blood of Jesus Christ. If we, for example, take a look at the history of  mankind and the forming of the countries with their borders, it is always accompanied by mean of war and shed blood. Almost every nation is established by shedding blood. The freedom, the democracy that is obtained in Europe is accomplished by mean of shed blood. We just have to think about a lot of blood, which is shed in the World War two. In the South-East of Turkey the term "Blood- guilt " was very known term. This was the case when a person had killed someone else. He was guilty of shedding the blood of the other person, the so-called "Blood-guilt". The murderer redeemed the "blood-guilt" by paying a lot of many to the family of the victim, otherwise he would be than killed too, because of blood-revenge.

The previous story is also applicable for our ancestors Adam and Eva, who in the Garden of  Eden have rebelled against the Lord God by neglecting His commands. Due to their action , mankind became under the influence of the sins. Their fall damaged terribly their relation with the Lord God. The Bible says about this,, Sin came into the world trough one man (=Adam), and his sin brought death wit it. As a result, death has spread to the whole human race because everyone has sinned (Roman 5:12). This means that since the fall of Adam and Eva in the Garden of Eden, the human being are living under the influence of the sins. The result of their action has been that the mankind was living separated from God, the contact between the humans and the Lord was broken. There was a sort "Blood-quilt", due to their disobedience in the Garden of Eden. The contact between the Lord God and the mankind could only be restored by redeeming the "blood-guilt", which means by bringing a sacrifice to overturn the wrong step of the human being. In connection with this we read in Hebrew 9:22,, ... sins are forgiven only if blood is poured out " Well then, this sacrifice, this payment for the fall of Adam and Eva, the "blood-guilt" to restore the contact between the mankind and the Lord God, that is now the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ! By shedding His blood on the cross of Golgotha, He paid the "blood-guilt" of the mankind. This means that every person who is prepared to accept Jesus Christ will be cleaned and forgiven by the shed blood of our Lord and God. In connection with the previous, we read in the Bible,, So then, as the one (= Adam) sin condemned the all mankind, in the same way the one righteous (=Jesus) act sets all mankind free and give them live" (Romans 5:18).

Jesus Christ is thus penance- sacrifice for our sins (1 John 2:2). By shedding His blood on the cross of Golgotha He saves everyone, who is prepared to follow Him, from the "claws" of the Satan. Every person is welcome to Jesus. It doesn't matter how big your sins are, or what kind of evilness you have done; because Jesus Christ came to this world to save me, to save you and to save everybody who is prepared to follow Him unconditionally!

image45.gif (20117 bytes) The Bible says,, The Lord does not want anyone to be destroyed, but He wants all to turn away from their sins" (2Peter 3:9) kruis4.jpeg (2054 bytes)

It is extremely important that everybody realise the importance and expensively of the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross of the mountain of Golgotha. This is the key of salvation of the mankind, which cannot be undone by anybody. Apostel Paul tells us,, For by the sacrificial death of Christ we are set free, that is, our sins are forgiven. How great is the grace of God, which He gave to us in such large measure" (Ephesians 1:7)

Nowadays, there are many so called "Christians" who don't accept the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ for their personal sins. They reject that very clearly! Here below I  will give a few examples regarding the shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ:

  1. In John 1:29 we read,, There is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world "
  2. In Hebrew 9:26 we read,, … He has appeared once and for all, to remove sin through the sacrifice of Himself,,
  3. In Romans 3:25 we read,, God offered Him, so that by His sacrificial death He should become the means by which people's sins are forgiven through their faith in Him."
  4. In 1John 1:7 we read,, … and the blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from every sin "
  5. In 1John 2:2 we read,, And Christ Himself is the means by which our sins are forgiven, and not our sins only, but also the sins of everyone"
  6. In Hebrew 9:28 we read,, In the same manner Christ also was offered in sacrifice once to take away the sins of many "

From the previous quotations becomes quite clear that every sinner will be forgiven when he or she is prepared to give himself to Jesus Christ and accept Him as his saviour. It doesn't matter how terrible your sins are, or how bad person you are, Jesus Christ is crucified for your sins and so you are welcome to Him!

The apostels of the Lord….

From the previous story, it becomes clear I think, that every person who is converted to the Lord has renewed His life in all respects. Therefore he gets forgiveness for his sins by means of the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ. However there are always some people who have a lot of sense of guilt and say,, But my sins are so terrible, I have got up to so many ugly and dirty sins, how can God forgive me for that? I have carried out so much horrible, filthy and terrible sins, how can God forgive for such terrible things? It is impossible that God will forgive my terrible sins, they say. "

Those people may understand the case better when we take a look at the fact what is told by the Bible about the apostles of the Lord. Here below, I will give a few examples, through which it will be clear that even the apostles of the Lord were originally a terrible sinner like we all are! Nevertheless the Lord has chosen them and their sins were forgiven, because they have accepted the sacrifice that is brought by Jesus Christ. In their old life some of them maybe were thieves, or were doing a lot of terrible sins. Apostle Paul (Faulus Sliho) has persecuted in a terrible way the Christians in his time. And with his approval, as later on will become clear, even Stephanus was stoned! Apostle Matthew was a tax collector! After their conversion, however, all of their sins were forgiven and they became the followers, the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. They spread the gospel over the whole world in that time. We see thus that, those originally sinners, were forgiven by the Lord and they became His servants. In connection with this Apostle Paul tells us,, Actually all of us were like them and lived according to our natural desires, doing whatever suited the wishes of our own bodies and minds. In our natural condition we, like everyone else, were designed to suffer God's anger " (Ephesians 2:3)

Apostle Paul actually tells us,, we were in our old live a terrible sinners like everybody. We were disobedient to the Lord and did everything to anger Him. Our sins were a like the sins of the world, we were nothing better than the other people." When he says.. lived according to our natural desires….. means that they were just as the men and women's of the streets. They were also normal people. They were not special persons, but just normal like everybody.

In spite of their sins, in spite of their faults, the Lord has forgiven them. Apostle Paul was on his way to Damascus (Syria) to persecute the Christians there (Acts 8:1-3). But on his way to Damascus, the Lord appeared to Him as we can read in Acts 9:3-4,, As Saul (=Paul) was coming near the city of Damascus, suddenly a light from the sky flashed around him. He fell to the ground an heard a voice saying to him, "Saul, Saul! Why do you persecute me? " Who are you Lord?" he asked. I am Jesus, whom you persecute "

After this happening with our Lord Jesus Christ, he became a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and began to preach the Gospel (Acts 9:20-25).

Dear reader, now I have a question: When the Lord has forgiven Apostle Paul, whilst he was persecuting the Lord Himself; would Lord than refuse to forgive you when you go to Him? Will the Lord say to you,, No forgiveness for you"? I don't think so! I can guarantee you, when you go the Lord and regretting your faults, the Lord will always forgive; regardless your terrible sins.

In Ephesians 2:4 Apostle Paul says,, But God's mercy is so abundant, and His love for us is so great, that while we were spiritually dead in our disobedience he brought us to live with Christ."

The meaning of this quotation is that those who lead a life in according with their own desires and lusts are actually spiritually dead! They are separated from the Lord God! They just lead a life for themselves. However, when they accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Rescuer, they become united with Jesus Christ and in this way they become to be the children of God.

In Ephesians 2:5-9 we read,, It is by God's grace that you have been saved. In our union with Christ Jesus He raised us op with Him to rule with Him in the heavenly world. He did this to demonstrate for all the time to come the extraordinary greatness of his grace in the love He showed us in Christ Jesus. For it is by God's grace that you have been saved through faith. It is not the result of your own efforts, but God's gift, so that no one can boast about it. God has made us what we are, and in our union with Jesus Christ He has created us for a life of good deeds, which He has already prepared for us to do"

We are saved not because we are good people or because we are very hardworking people, no dear reader no, we are saved by mean of the blood of Jesus, because God love us very much!! That is the main reason! We are saved because of Gods mercy. Please, let this penetrate well into your mind! It becomes clear that the faith is decisively and not the human effort. The humans are saved by means of their faith in Jesus Christ!

The sins of Apostle Paul (Faulus Sliho)

kruis6.jpeg (2608 bytes) The Bible says,, There is no one who is righteous, no one who is wise or worship God. All have turned away from God; they have all gone wrong; no one does what is right, not even one" (Romans 3:11-12) 

I have just mentioned about the apostle Paul and his meeting with our Lord Jesus. Studying the life and the conversion of this apostle is extremely interesting and important. He first tried to kill and destroy all Christians wherever he could get a chance to. But after his meeting with Jesus, he understood that his deeds, up to there, were in opposite of the wiliness of the Lord God. He thought that the Lord God was pleased by persecution of Christians, thus he acted like he thought. Paul didn't recognise the fact that the Satan was playing with Him like we can read,, Even Satan can disguise himself to look like an angle of light!" (2 Corinthians 11:14). This means that the Satan has the power and the ability to present himself as "Jesus" or as "God" to mislead the people who are very weak in their faith and those who are opposing the Lord God, without they notice that. The Satan is penetrating into their spirit and takes a total control over those people. Because the Satan is living in those people, he can manipulate them like he wants. He can send them in any direction he wants, because those people are actually spiritually dead!! They may have the feeling, that they do belief in "true God", but in reality they are captured in the pitfalls of the Satan. That is exactly in accordance with 1 Peter 5:8 where we read: "Be alert, be on the watch! Your enemy, the Devil, roams round like a roaring lion, looking fore someone to devour". This was also the reason that apostle Paul was persecuting Christians in an terrible way, like a lion does with his victims.

There are, in principal, nowadays many people who may have the feeling they obey the true God, but in reality they are opposing the Lord God! Some of those people wake up and pay repent to the Lord God for their deeds and they get forgiveness. Others never wake up, and in the end they will go to the hell!

In Galatians 1:13 apostle Paul tells us,, You have been told how I used to live when I was devoted to the Jewish religion, how I persecuted without mercy the church of God and did my best to destroy it "

The apostle admits very uninhibited about his behaviour before his conversion to the Christianity. He tried to destroy the church of Jesus Christ, because he thought he was obeying the Lord God! He was blind! He didn't saw that he was wrong, until the moment Jesus appeared to Him and asking hem,, Saul, Saul! Why do you persecute me?"

This man, who began a lot of unjust against the church of God, became one of the strongest apostles of the Lord. Dear reader, pay attention to this!

kruis5.jpeg (2332 bytes) The Bible says,, Tremble with fear and stop sinning; think deeply about this.. " (Psalms 4:4)

The apostle continues telling about his cruelty against the Christianity and says,, I give thanks to Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength for my work. I thank Him for considering me worthy and appointing me to serve Him, even though in the past I spoke evil of Him and persecuted and insulted Him. But God was merciful to me because I did not yet have faith and so did not know what I was doing. And our Lord poured out His abundant grace on me and gave me the faith and love which are ours in union with Christ Jesus. This is a true saying, to be completely accepted and believed: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I am the worst of them…. "(1 Timothy 1: 12-15)

Here is a man speaking who had in the past been insulting the Church of Jesus, persecuting the Christians and tried to destroy the root of the Christianity. This is the terrible man before his conversion. This is the man who became, after his conversion, one of the apostles who did a lot of wonders. He was the man who awakened a dead person as we read in Acts 20:9-10,, A young man named Euthychus was sitting in the window, and as Paul kept on talking, Euthychus got sleepier and sleepier, until he finally went sound asleep and fell from the third storey to the ground. When they picked him up, he was dead. But Paul went down and threw himself on him and hugged him. "Don't worry", he said, "he is still alive!"

These are the deeds of the man who had committed a lot of sins against Jesus Christ! It is amazing, isn't? When he says,, I am the worst of them , means that apostle Paul is considering himself as the worst sinners who is saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Dear reader, I have a question to you: When Paul says,, I am the greatest sinner, and our Lord poured out His abundant grace on me , than is obvious that everybody - regardless how great his of her sins might be- who decide to accept Jesus Christ will be forgiven, isn't it?

When the apostle Paul got forgiveness for his sins, than we can be convinced that also our sins will be forgiven, when we are prepared to stop with doing wrong things! The apostle Paul says ,, I  did not know what I was doing,, I am convinced that there are also many people inside the Syrian community who don't know what they are doing! Some of them are going to whores, others are slandering their neighbours and their fellow Christians, and again others let their wife and children at home and go to clubs and whores. Those people may have the feeling that they are Christians, in reality they are certainly not! After all, they should know that the Satan is playing with them!

image34.gif (9985 bytes) The Bible says,, ,, Come to the Lord, the living stone rejected by man as worthless but chosen by God as valuable, come as living stones, and let yourselves be used in building the spiritual temple, where you will serve as holy priest to offer spiritual and acceptable scarifies to God through Jesus Christ" (1Peter 2:4-5)

We know that the apostle Paul was a Professor of the Old Testament (Galatians 1:14-15) and in spite of that he persecuted a lot of Christians. It is beyond any belief! This man was certainly not a stupid person, no dear reader no, certainly not. He was very cleaver person and was outstanding educated in the Old Testament. His eyes began to open, after his meeting with our Lord Jesus Christ. He then discovered that his deeds were wrong! In Acts 8:1 we read about his terrible deed,, And Saul (= Paul) approved of his murder". In Acts 7:1-59 we read about the talk of Mor Stephanus. After this talk many of the Jewish leader became very angry and they decide to kill him by means of stoning. In Acts 7:54-59 we read about the stoning of Stephanus (Mor Stefanus). One of the members of the Jewish council in that time was Saul, who was later on called Paul. This man, who was accessory to the killing of Stephanus, got after his conversion forgiveness for the sins which were committed by him and he became the Apostle with remarkable dedication of spreading the Gospel. In Acts 19:11 we read,, God was performing unusual miracles through Paul. Even handkerchief and aprons he had used were taken to those who were ill, and their disease were driven away, and the evil spirit would go out of them"


After we have, in the previous, discussed many examples regarding the meaning of the forgiveness of the sins of the human being, we can now make the end conclusion.

When a person decide to stop with committing sins and goes to the Lord by paying a repent for the committed sins, than he will get forgiveness for his/her sins by means of the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the mountain of Golgotha. It doesn't matter what kind of sins you have been committed in the past, or how terrible and ugly your sins are, your sins will be cleaned by the blood of Jesus Christ. His blood cleans every person!

jezus-kruis.jpeg (49820 bytes) The Bible says,, For God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not die but have eternal life" (John 3:16) kruisiging.jpeg (11533 bytes)