The Aramean (Syrian) community in the Netherlands.

The Aramean community in Holland consist of approximately 15.000 people. They came from various countries of the middle-east, like Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Lebanon. The Syrian-Aramean community came to Holland at the beginning of the seventies from the Southeast of Turkey.

De Syrian-Orthodox churches in the Netherlands:

Enschede Kuryakos Church
Jakob of Sarug Church
Hengelo: Apostle John Church
Virgin Mary Church
Glanerbrug: Centre of the community: St. Ephraim Syrian monastery.
Virgin Mary Church
Amsterdam: Virgin Mary Church
Sarbil Church
Oldenzaal: Simon of Zeytee Church
Rijssen: Ignatius Nurono Church

 The Aramean (Syrian) Federation in theNetherlands

The Arameans of Aram-Naharaim Foundation