Turkey at the crossroads

By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

April 17, 2007 (http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=24636)

What does it matter now if men believe or no?

What is to come will come. And soon you too will stand aside,

To murmur in pity that my words were true.

Turkey’s Premier could conjecturally be elected as President due to his party parliamentary majority; however, this would be the End of Turkey.

It may sound odd that following an ordinary democratic procedure a country may be led to destruction; yet, in reality, allover the world the dynamics of the socioeconomic, political and intellectual developments do not emanate from parliamentary elections.

A few days ago, 300000 Turks manifested deliberately their rejection of their Premier’s secret desire of becoming Turkey’s Head of State. The number is not necessarily great for a ca. 75 m people country. Many observers even suggested that ministries’ and governmental organizations’ functionaries formed the majority of the protesters. Whatever the case may be, it is true that the majority of the Turks in great numbers, probably around two thirds (2/3) of the population, disapprove of the idea of the current Premier occupying the position inaugurated by Kemal Ataturk, the founder of Turkey.

Turkey targeted from all parts

That Turkey has many enemies in Europe is well known; the German Chancellor had rejected the idea of Turkey becoming a fully accredited EU member anytime in the future, even before she was elected in office. French presidential candidates and former prime ministers expressed quasi-racist, anti-Turkish discourses. The Socialist Party in France performed a comical parliamentary act by attempting to become Judges of falsely narrated history; if the Socialist Party’s candidate is elected in office, a law will probably penalize any authoritative Historian would reject the factoid of the so-called ‘Armenian Genocide’. Turkey has certainly friends in Europe, from Poland to Spain, and from Berlusconi to French academia, but it is very obvious that the current Turkish government either failed to mobilize them or did not calculate the extent of the provocation / conspiracy of circles wishing to promote the concept of Christian Club – EU.

American Armenians, and Greeks, in alliance with a part of the Zionist US lobby prevailed over the Democratic party’s instances and push for an aberrational vote in the Congress that would replace university syllabuses in Humanities, stipulating that there has been an Armenian Genocide, a highly controversial and historically false assumption. Motivated by racist, inhuman Hatred against Turkey, the US Armenians fail to understand that instead of using their assumed allies are rather used by a faction of the Zionist lobby that plans further harm to Israel, Turkey and the US. Although Turkey’s image in the US was never a matter of serious concern in Ankara, the Republicans could be more sympathetic with Turkey because of that frontal country’s considerable contribution to the Atlantic liberal opposition to the late USSR. But due to extremely unfortunate decisions of Turkey’s Islamist government as regards the Iraq War, there are few among the present administration and the GOP to openly support Turkey. There are only few smart US diplomats, statesmen and strategists who understand that the West’s fate in the already engaged East vs. West conflict hinges almost totally on Turkey.

Russia’s plans against Turkey do not need vast analysis; part of geo-strategic and geopolitical needs, Russia under any sort of rule will always opt for weak, divided neighbors on its south-western border. As Moscow neo-totalitarian despotism faces serious opposition from the oppressed Russian opposition and the mercilessly tyrannized, numerous non Russian peoples of the vast country, Russia needs to rise in global opposition to the US for reasons of inner political consumption and diversion. This brings Russia back to the Middle East whereby through all possible schemes Russian diplomacy is expected to pursue policies in Iran, Iraq, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Syria, Palestine and the Mediterranean that contradict point by point Turkish interests. The Burgaz – Dedeagac (‘Alexandropolis’) pipeline is an indication that Moscow envies Istanbul at all times.

Iran faces only Turkey as rival model state and as politics model within the entire Dar al Islam (Muslim World). Although dissatisfaction runs high among Muslims allover the world, and there are many who would be inclined to reject any state among today’s predominantly Muslim states as possible model, Iran does not face opposition from Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Egypt or Mauritania; the only different model is Turkey. Discussions go on very passionately, but the choice will be made between a theocratic model like Qom (Iran’s religious capital) and a secular, Westernized model like Ankara; no one would take seriously as model a lewd presidential son turned ‘heir apparent’. Iranian threat for Turkey at the nuclear / military level does not exist; however, Iran could use religion to generate frictions within the Turkish society, notably shaping an alliance with the Alevi religious minority (originally concentrated in Sivas / Sebasteia). Contrarily to what many may assume, the Kurdish minority of Turkey cannot be used by eventual Iranian manipulators as the Turkish Kurds are overwhelmingly Westernized, pro-secular, and socialist; the few religious Kurds in Turkey are Sunni, and therefore out of reach for the Shia Iranians.

Turkey faces an even greater threat from ongoing developments in the chaotic periphery of the so-called Arabic speaking tyrannies; by this we do not refer to states, as neither Syria, nor Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are possibly comparable with Ankara. However, in the aforementioned area, political developments are underway, involving various Islamist plans, schemes, and myths about the Islamic Caliphate’s re-establishment, the imminent expulsion of America from Iraq, the subsequent destruction of Israel (planned in order to let Jerusalem become capital of the bogus-Caliphate), and the re-Islamization of Turkey. All these attempts are linked with anti-Western hysteria, eschatological literature of the lowest level, hatred, and exploitation of dehumanized, barbaric masses that have been left with no other prospect; this has been the long lasting work of naïve Western politicians and diplomats, their mendacious and tyrannical Middle Eastern interlocutors, and the Western secretive End of Time planners. This threat is for Turkey the only lethal.

Of lesser importance are threats emanating from the Balkan region where Turkey has many interests to protect from the discriminations against the Turkish minorities in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Romania, to European, Greek and Serbian discriminatory policies against the Albanian outright majority of Kosovo that has been stripped so far from its right to statehood. Turkey’s interest impose in this regard an Albanian – Macedonian alliance that would ensure enduring peace in the region. The racist purposes of the comical southern Cypriot president are also to be dealt with, and Turkey should promote the Noble Cause of international recognition of Kosovo, Transnistria and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Turkey as the Strategic Epicenter between East and West

Here we do not refer to the central role Turkey play to avert the worsening of the terribly degraded Western – Eastern relationship; this goes without saying. Beyond its role in inter-cultural, inter-religious and inter-civilizational encounter and mutual understanding, Turkey is key to developments in all the aforementioned countries and alliances. Quite paradoxically, positive developments for all these countries depend on their good relationship with Turkey. This has not been carefully studied and widely understood so far.

If Turkey decides the reject the European tactics of double standards, reprimanding the European decision to offer priority to less qualifying Bulgaria and Romania instead of Turkey, and chastising the demands for referenda to be held as regards Turkey’s adhesion to the EU (whereas this was not an issue for Greece, Spain and Portugal), Europe will receive an unprecedented blow on its face, and the EU credibility will be considered as non extent. Furthermore, if Turkey manages an explosion in the Southern Balkans or Cyprus, the European dream of unification and pacification of the continent will turn to a nightmare. Turkey have nothing to bother if following a Balkan War, Muslims in Germany, France, Belgium, England and Italy revolt against the anti-Islamic hysteria of the bogus-democratic European authorities. Europeans will eventually become less arrogant, if the notorious Paris suburbs riots became uninterrupted part of their life for a few years. They may then understand that you cannot speak against an Islamic Democratic Party in Turkey, when you tolerate a Christian Democratic Party in Germany. The most urgent European need has a name: Turkey.

If the US Congress decides to make of a factoid as the so-called Armenian Genocide a bogus historical ‘event’ – part of an official state promoted dogma, the US will turn out to be 21st century’s Soviet Union. Majority vote consecrating a falsehood as Official History translates to state terrorism, as we have known it at the times of the late USSR, when you could not say openly that History has nothing to do with the Struggle of Classes. The only difference will be that the US Dialectical and Historical Materialism will be turning around the Totalitarian Dogma of the Armenian Genocide. Such a decision consist direct offense on the face of 1.5 billion Muslims, who will interpret the American parliamentary paranoia as the greatest Monument of Partiality, the most devilish bias in the History of the Mankind. Instead of urgently demolishing the tyrannical states of Sudan and Abyssinia that currently carry out practices of genocide against the Fur in Darfur and against the Oromos in Oromia, instead of preventing the presently undertaken Genocide against the Aramaeans of Iraq and Syria, instead of obliging Bulgaria and Greece to recognize their Macedonian minorities, the US Congress debates about events occurred before 92 years (!), and deliberates unilaterally without consulting with specialists, who in the worst (for Turkey) case would agree upon the nature of an event that took place when Turkey simply did not exist! It is as if accusing the US for crimes perpetrated by Spaniards against the Aztecs! Yet, American decision makers should consider that US interests in the Middle East would be severely damaged, if the US does not set up a bilateral alliance with Turkey to deal with issues related to Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Israel. Turkey is the only ally needed for the US if there is a will to win over Islamic Terrorism as conceived, mounted and executed by the so-called ‘Arab’ tyrannies and their barbaric pseudo-kings.

Moscow should be wise enough, instead of venturing tricky anti-American schemes with the servants of the local hodjatoleslams and Ayatollahs, to consider how to help, working with Turkey, America and EU, the oppressed peoples of Iran, the Azeris, the Turks, the Kurds, the Turkmens, the Loris, the Bakhtiaris, the Aramaeans, the Baluchis, and the Parsis get their independence and self determination. The totalitarian Muscovite thugs should constantly remember the number of oppressed Muslims in their territory; it would be rather lethal to forget their claims. Only in close cooperation with Turkey, Russia would avoid in the years ahead an Islamist explosion in Daghestan, Tatarstan, Yakutia. Riots in Moscow suburbs have not yet started; if they come to happen, they will be far more devastating than those of Paris suburbs.

It would not be worthy considering options about either Iran or the tyrannical, barbaric realms of Pan-Arabist anti-Semitism; these anachronistic, dysfunctional and inhuman entities are formations that should be dissolved before too long; every day they survive is a day won by the Islamic terrorists in their fight against Russia, Europe, India, America, Israel and of course Turkey.

Turkey’s politically correct choices

In front of a complex situation like this, what would be the politically correct choices?

The Turkish MPs, statesmen, academia, intellectuals, politicians, military, and administrators should realize that for many issues the good option for Turkey is only one. A much promising political – socioeconomic – ideological project for the years ahead should be based on the following points:

- Secular values must be reinstated and consolidated. The traditional Islamic veil must be prohibited throughout the country. It is noteworthy that the Islamic veil was not compulsory in Abbasid Baghdad and in Ottoman Istanbul; consequently with all the progress made thanks to Kemal Ataturk, the traditional veil cannot be tolerated outside homes, as it has become a tool of anti-historical considerations that are relevant to a false Islamic theology.

- The role of the military in protecting the secular values of the Turkish Republic must be gradually and institutionally replaced by the commitment and the patriotism of all the Turkish citizens.

- Constitutional amendments are needed in order to modernize the Turkish society, not in a way to ‘literarily repeat’ Atatturk’s theoretical system’s pillars but to adapt them within today’s context – our global world. Severe legislation must be introduced for honour crimes.

- Turkey must be identified as a multiethnic, multilingual, multicultural, secular state whereby all local languages are instituted in the Primary and Secondary education, and all religions are tolerated as personal contact with God, not socially imposed prescriptions.

- Turkey must embrace and institutionalize the prevailing Kurdish language (Kurmandja), allowing wide use of it at the level of local administration, education, and mass media. At the same time, the Turkish administration must not let Kurmandja prevail over the other Kurdish languages up to the point of their obliteration / assimilation. With a great number of mixed marriages between Turks and Kurds (the late President Turgut Ozal being only one example), the Turkish administration must tackle the Kurdish question as confidently as the English political class deals with the Scottish question.

- Demonstrating true commitment to the Cause of the (treacherously exploited by the Colonial West) Kurds, Turkey must found the first Kurdish University in the word to promote Kurdology and all sectors of research pertaining to the Kurds. At the same time, this university would become the hub of further development of the Kurdish languages, through scientific vocabulary localization, publication of an encyclopedia in Kurmandja, and preparation of academic publications. The Kurdish University at Diyarbakir should set up a Linguistic Center to help introduce Latin writing for Kurdish languages spoken in Iraq, Syria and Iran.

- Expanding Latin writing among the Kurds of these countries, Ankara will become the main advocate of the Kurdish Cause, and gradually annex territories inhabited by the Kurdish minority in these three countries.

- Turkey must embrace the tiny Aramaean (Suryani) minority, institutionalize Aramaic, allowing wide use of it at the level of local administration, education, and mass media. Turkey must solemnly invite back all the Aramaean emigration, pay recompense for atrocities or injustices done to them even in periods preceding the foundation of Turkey.

- Demonstrating true commitment to the Cause of the (bitterly fought by the Colonial West) Aramaeans, Turkey must found the first Aramaean University in the word to promote Aramaeaology and all sectors of research pertaining to the Aramaeans. At the same time, this university would become the hub of further development of the Aramaic language, through scientific vocabulary localization, publication of an encyclopedia in Aramaic, and preparation of academic publications.

- Embracing the Cause of the Aramaeans will offer Turkey a unique tool of prevailing in Islamic Terrorism’s territories such as Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine. Turkey should carry out a vast anti-colonial work of de-Arabization and re-assertion of the Aramaic national and cultural identity of these countries. This is the only way to forestall Islamic Terror’s plans for a new caliphate in the Middle East, which Turks know only too well would be a bogus-caliphate and turn sooner or later against Turkey’s existence.

- Turkey must view its existence on a multidimensional basis evolving around following axes:

1. Multiculturalism in Anatolia (Kurdish and Aramaic must become official languages)

2. Turkophonic Nationalism throughout Asia (to form the a political confederation encompassing Azeris, Turkmens of Iraq and Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Turkic speaking populations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China’s Eastern Turkestan).

3. Anti-colonial Orientalism globally (to challenge Western, colonial Orientalism as diffused through Education, Culture and Mass Media, forming the erroneous basis of the Western political decision-making)

- Turkey must demand an extraordinary session of the European Parliament to be held with the participation of the Commission, and representatives of the 27 EU governments in order to discuss the perspectives and the possibilities of an eventual adhesion. A special agreement shall be made in which every political bias will have no place. Turkey must make clear that it was EU’s wrong decision to accept Cyprus to adhere without the dispute being solved in advance. Turkey must accept to implement EU legislation, but all the EU member states must understand that they have to put an end to all sorts of anti-Turkish propaganda, If an agreement is not made, Turkey should put an end to its attempt tom adhere to the EU, and must redirect its foreign policy around the Turco-phonic Asiatic confederation, continuing for itself the modernization and liberalization process that started already.

- Turkey needs to reinstate Kemal Ataturk’s predilection for a foreign policy based on principles, and not opportunism. What Turkey will offer to its Kurdish and Aramaic minorities, France must offer to Corsicans, Occitans, Bretons, Alsatians and Basks. Turkey must be the advocate of all oppressed and unrecognized peoples and minorities in Europe, Asia and Africa.

- Turkey must enter into an alliance with the US, Israel and India in view of a thorough and complete containment of the Islamic Terrorism; according to the terms of the Treaty, Turkey must replace US soldiers in America, contribute to a liberalization process in Syria, Lebanon and Iran, and make its presence felt as a model of state for Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia

- Turkey must become a shield of peace for the Balkans, contributing to minority recognition, emancipation and autonomy.

- Turkey must set up an International Islamic University whereby the model of the Turkish state will be presented and analyzed as the only political model for Islamic states today. Through international pressure and cooperation with its allies, Turkey must arrange a UN / UNESCO directive according to the terms of which any country’s Muslim citizens, if desiring to pursue Islamic studies abroad, will be allowed to study only in this university. This will put a dead end to the devilish and subversive work of uncontrolled bogus-universities located in Middle Eastern tyrannies that have become undetected and uncontrolled laboratories of Islamic Terror and Barbarism.

Turkey’s forthcoming presidential elections

Critical issues like the above must prevail during the de4cision making process in Turkey over the next few days. Turkey can avert threats and anti-Turkish plans and schemes of any origin, and through a correct political cooperation and military alliance can rise to the level of UN Veto power, representing 1.5 million Muslims at the Security Council. To do this, Turkey needs the modernization of the ruling party, and this can happen through merge with other smaller parties.

The Turkish Parliament’s majority deputies should never forget that among their voters (around 30%) there are many who are atheists and agnostics, but reject the anti-Turkish empathy of some ultra-conservative European Christians or the racist and neo-colonial schemes of an apostate Freemasonic lodge. Less than 15% of the Turks are devoted religious people who would desire to somewhat Islamize the Turkish state. They have no authority to impose one of them at the top of Turkey; it is not democratic and it is compatible with Turkey’s best interests. Personal ambitions must always be put aside, whenever it comes to a Great Cause for the entire Mankind. And Turkey’s potentialities to save the World from the impending Clash West vs. East are not an issue of Turkish national affair; they are a focal point and a matter of the utmost importance for the entire world.

Knowing the great horizons that exist for Turkey, and dedicating themselves to the aforementioned pillars of national / regional / global strategy, the majority deputies of the Turkish Parliament must find the correct person for the position of the President of the Republic among the country’s academia. This would bring consensus and concord in a country that will be stricken my all sorts of calamities if secretive, egocentric, mendacious tricks find their way to the position of the Head of State. Cassandra’s tragic and cynical words may be the best readings in the few next days for all the Turkish MPs, not only those originating from Canakkale (Troy).