Headscarf and Compulsory Excision in Turkey: Two Faces of the Same Coin


By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

May 7, 2007 (http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=26484)

In a series of earlier articles, we deplored the Western European ignorance and immorality as regards the current political crisis of Turkey, and the existing political options. The pathetic and criminal Western European attitude risks generating an Islamist chain reaction that will cause a Kurdish genocide in Turkey, a war in the Balkans, and riots-turned-rebellion in Western Europe.

Acting in a way that brings closer their end, the bogus-democratic, highly manipulated from unelected centers of power, and deeply corrupt Western European elites contribute – because of their blindness - to Islamic Terrorism proliferation, by comically supporting the bogus-Islamic headscarf fanatics in Turkey.

Or is it all well calculated, and in full concordance with societal developments in Europe and America?

Bogus-Islamic Headscarf: the Embodiment of Gender Discrimination

After we analyzed the anti-democratic character of the current Turkish prime minister’s attempt to get an Islamist elected as president in Turkey (“European Manichaeism, the End of Turkey, and the Subversion of Europe”,

http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=25611), we emphasized the plausibility of a forthcoming Kurdish Genocide at the hands of the current Turkish prime minister’s fanatic supporters (“Europe prepares a Kurdish Genocide in Turkey”, http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=25636), we unveiled the misinformation biases of the pro-Islamist medias and mendacious statesmen (“Hitler – Erdogan and his European, crypto-Nazi friends”, http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=25917), we underscored the un-Islamic and anti-Islamic character of the fallaciously called “Islamic’ headscarf (“Turkey, Europe, Islam, and the 'Islamic' headscarf's incompatibility with Modern Democracy”, http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=26090)

and we highlighted the gender racism that is involved in societies whereby the headscarf of Islamic Terrorism prevails (“Drugs trade behind European support for headscarf proliferation in Turkey?”,


In this article, we intend to give further examples of Gender Discrimination as practiced in the Islamic Terror Societies that so passionately gullible and irresponsible (or criminal and duplicitous) Western European statesmen and politicians want to promote, consolidate and help expand.

Headscarf means that you live in a retrograding society whereby no obstacle can be placed in the gradual implementation of all the elements, practices, prescripts, attitudes, characteristics and expressions that are relevant to the ideal society, the societal model of the hidden promoters of the headscarf, namely the bogus-Islamic sheikhs.

There will be an incessantly deteriorating social condition that will ultimately transfigure Turkey’s (not ideal) democratic and progressive, enlightened and free society to the darkest and most repugnant version of dehumanized abode that will be similar to the uncivilized and inhuman realm of Saudi Arabia.

Headscarf heralds Excision

Headscarf means that you reach the realms whereby the sheikhs of Hatred impose excision to all the newly born females.

They present it as part of a tradition that has to be respected; it is true that in some African countries, excision was part of the local tradition. But it was in the same way as the ‘carefree’, innocent dress code according to which women had the upper part of their body totally uncovered. But for the vicious sheikhs of the falsified Islam of our days, this was a ‘wrong’ tradition – although traditional African topless dress for women did not involve a single hint to liberal sexual attitudes and behaviours.

However, in Asia (Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Caucasus, Persia, Central Asia) and Europe (Balkans, SE Europe, Russia), excision was never part of any tradition, pre-Islamic or Islamic.

In addition, there is no theoretical (ideological, philosophical, theological) support for excision within Islam. It a relative modern political option of the Wahhabist sheikhs of Terror, who intentionally involve it – despite it is alien in Islam – in order to promote and ultimately impose the vicious image of Islamic society that they erroneously developed in their ignorant, malignant, mentally sick, and psychologically unbalanced minds.

Of course it would be erroneous to expect the disreputable, criminal Turkish premier to publicly admit that excision in Turkey is within his program; he tries to first get his ape of Foreign Minister elected as President, and then further part of the program will be revealed. Actually, he may never demand / suggest excision practice in Turkey personally; his gangsters of sheikhs and bogus Islamic imams will get a secret signal when to start suggesting this through their perverse Khutbahs (Sermons given before the Friday prayer). At the same time, Erdogan’s murderous gangs will receive a signal when to start exercising threats against all the doctors who do not excise the newly born females. By then, it will be too late to react, and this is precisely the tactics of the Islamic Terror dissimulation.

Erdogan and Gul are obliged by the falsehood they believe as religion to lie to all Westerners - infidels!

Both rules, headscarf and excision, as envisioned by the totalitarian sheikhs of the present day bogus-Islam, contribute effectively and tremendously to the target society of the inhuman sheikhs and their emulators. What is this society – that so methodically the ubiquitous and omni-fallacious Western media do their ingenious best to hide away?

The a-historical model society of these sheikhs is the epitome of gender segregation, involving

1.complete separation between men and women,

2.total eradication of the sexual desire,

3.absolute elimination of the Aesthetics, and

4.exclusive use of the physical existence of women for reproduction.

The headscarf covers most of the female body, allowing men to see only the faces and the hands of the women; but this is the initially stage. This does not reflect the real choice of uncivilized and dehumanized people like Erdogan and Gul, who are taught to lie ceaselessly when meeting Western infidels, whom they do not consider as equal to Muslims, This is only the beginning!

Whereas English and other languages are poor in this regard, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish and Urdu are ingenuously rich; the Turkish foreign minister’s wife wears a headscarf that is ‘cover’ – a hedjab. Yet, this hedjab – that leaves face and hands visible to the other people – is not the real ideal headscarf!

The Islamic Terror sheikhs’ and Erdogan’s real plan is to advance up to the point of socially imposing the hedjab type of headscarf on 75% of the Turkish women; they intend to achieve this through social pressure as we already analyzed in earlier articles and through governmental tolerance / duplicity.

The Islamic government of Erdogan will not legislate but will inhumanly tolerate the social tyranny as exercised by the sheikhs and their gangs, while a duplicitous and mendacious Foreign Minister will shamelessly pretend to his European homologues that the government is neutral but the Turkish society wants it so!

The Niqab: Erdogan’s hidden ass!

When the tyrannical imposition level reaches the aforementioned figure, the hidden ass in Erdogan’s sleeve will be automatically dropped, the masks will fall down, and suddenly about 10 or 15% of Turkish women will start wearing what will then be presented as the ‘real’ headscarf: the niqab!

The niqab is a black coloured piece of stuff that covers the entire face and leaves only the eyes visible to the others. The person becomes unrecognizable – or to put it better, it ceases to exist. These women start wearing black coloured hand gloves so that men never see even their hands. There are some types of niqab that cover even the eyes, as the stuff has a thinner part that women adjust correctly so that they be able to see through!

Niqab is the absolute degree of de-personification, de-humanization, and barbarization of women. This is the absolute ideal of the Islamic Society as they envision it – without truly saying it. It would not take more than one Islamic presidency term for Turkey to reach to this level….

The society of the excised and covered female beasts

With the separation of boys and girls already in the primary and secondary education establishments, with girls wearing headscarf with the beginning of the menstruation, with some fanatic fathers imposing the headscarf on 9-year old girls, one can grasp why the criminal sheikhs target their victims’ personal lives and want to impose excision.

Unsure and zealous as they are at the personal level, they believe that excision is the mechanic automation that transforms the untrustworthy female devil to faithful housewife.

Their motives are extremely low and absolutely materialistic, as materialistic is their perception of god (that’s why I write here the word ‘god’ with small and not capital letter), and materialistic are all their perverse, bogus-Islamic religion’s purposes.

Excised women are not human beings in the same way sterilized domestic animals are not real animals but poor, suffering beings; excised women become ostensibly fat, they have not interest in coquetterie, in flirtation and in excitation.

Aesthetics disappear, the concept of beauty becomes obsolete, and the behavioural system turns to be the lowest of the low, the lewdest of the lewd.

These female beings are taught by their ‘mothers’ to lay on the bed and accept whatever ‘strange’ thing their husband may wish to do to them, which is just a fast done reproduction act. Consequently, their only pleasure is food, and they eat ceaselessly, becoming extremely fat and sick. Their husbands have however the right to pleasure and sexual satisfaction, if an opportunity arises with a free girl, a prostitute or a homosexual….

These female beings are reduced to reproduction machines, and a good ‘mother’ is not the one that educates her child to perfection (as there is no real need for education), but the one who brings to this world ten children – hopefully all male, able to fight for Islam.

Headscarf, excision and population growth rates: elements of a long date plan

Ludicrous Western diplomats, irresponsible academia, ignorant intellectuals, and deceived European and American agents failed to identify the existing long date plan of the Islamic Extremism and Barbarism sheikhs; yet, they should have found the correct reason behind this incredible population growth rate that through decades turned deserted abodes like Syria to an 19.5 million people country. If we compare the populations of Greece and Syria in 1925, and we calculate a proportional increase in either cases, Syria should not exceed today 8 million people. And yet the Wahhabist sheikhs’ plan started earlier, around the beginning of the 19th century, and gradually expanded throughout all the Muslim societies, to finally turn out to become a reproduction paroxysm. It is not a secret in all these societies; they do it on purpose, believing that they offer service to Islam, and that they will be therefore properly rewarded in the Hereafter.

The reason behind this reproduction boom, and exponential population growth, is the great battle of the end of times that the Wahhabist sheikhs believe they are going to wage (they already started) against the Western world, and the all the rest. Quantitatively viewing this subject through their materialistic standpoint, the Wahhabist sheikhs need many millions of fighters, and for this reason they have turned the female inhabitants of their realms into barbaric reproduction machines that function under the control loop analyzers of headscarf and excision.

This does not mean that these female beasts have been turned away from adultery; every society comprises the sperms of its ultimate outmaneuvering and definite dissolution, implosion or explosion. Although severely menacing the Western world, the bogus-Islamic societies are corrupt, materialistic realms whereby consumerism has expanded tremendously – without helping westernize however. It would not take much to annihilate them irreversibly.

Either in rich Abu Dhabi or impoverished slums allover the misery of the so-called Arabic world, the excised and ‘covered’, de-humanized females need more money than what their husbands can afford to pay; either to buy golden apparel or to ensure for themselves some more junk food, without feeling any pleasure, the excised women commit adultery for little recompense.

The Satanic sheikhs of bogus-Islam failed to understand:

Excision eliminates civilization only; it does not eradicate prostitution. It increases it!

Corrupt and disreputable Erdogan has run some little business before becoming mayor of Istanbul, party leader, and then prime minister; he keeps running it. In view of the aforementioned, one may have good reason to think that the Turkish premier may already try to expand business, by bringing the headscarf on the head of Turkey’s first lady.

The question is why should Western European diplomats, academia, politicians, statesmen and intellectuals help him achieve his target?