Drugs trade behind European support for headscarf proliferation in Turkey?


By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

May 4, 2007 (http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=26222)

In an earlier article, we analyzed that the so-called 'Islamic' headscarf is not 'Islamic' but Islamist; we criticized the deliberate Western misinformation on which the disastrous misconcept is based that there can eventually be a Muslim democratic country where women will be wearing the bogus-Islamic headscarf which is a top symbol of the Islamic Terrorism. Here we will insist on giving an idea about what means a society with headscarf, whereby every theoretical and ideological attempt to attack the illiterate sheikhs' fallacies is viciously and tyrannically stigmatized as anti-Islamic.

Bogus-Islamic headscarf means that you accept that women are weak and 'lower' than men, so they need a different home and school education that actively makes them believe they are 'inferior'.

Headscarf is the Epitome of Gender Racism

Bogus-Islamic headscarf means that you accept that women are filthy because of their menstruation, and you therefore do not want unknown women to touch you even coincidentally when walking in the street or standing next to you in the bus; you do not go to sit in a place where a woman was sitting before. It is very common in Arabic barbaric totalitarian societies of the Middle East to see men unwilling to sit next to a female passenger in a minibus or bus, and to wait for the next bus to come. This consists in a sheer repetition of racist acts perpetrated in the United States against the Black people before 40 or 50 years.

As racism it must be condemned, and criminal Western academia and political class have to pay per year at least 200 scholarships to postgraduate level students from allover the world to cover the subject adequately through socio-anthropological research, if they do not want to stand accused of intentional misinformation and perversion of the Western public opinion about a most crucial issue that concerns the entire world.

Bogus-Islamic headscarf means that you accept that women are - practically speaking - 'possession' of their family's men. Defenseless and silent as they must be, they have to be covered by the 'democratic' headscarf in order to avoid to attract the sexual interest of the passing men, who – as men – have the right to say anything, pursue and try to attract them for any sexual purposes. This situation leads to very often crimes of honour because if the 16-year old boy of a family speaks or touches the hand of another family's girl in the street, and the girl reports the subject, her brother will go outside the boy's house and insult the boy's mother; this will result in greater fight with elder members participating too, and the case deterioration is anyone's guess. If one person is taken to hospital in the terrible street fights whereby all sorts of insults are screamed out, the counter-attack will involve guns, and perfidious attitudes will be in use to cause the greatest possible disaster to the other family. This situation is part of the daily life in the streets of the societies whereby headscarf is widely used and practically speaking imposed. Families have been decimated because of these events that do not spare even influential tribes.

Bogus-Islamic headscarf means that you accept, if you are a woman who does not want to wear headscarf, and you supposedly live in a country where you will not be punished because of this (in Saudi Arabia you would be tortured and killed), to expose yourself to absolute social humiliation for precisely not wearing the supposedly Islamic – politically not compulsory but socially imposed in a tyrannical way – headscarf.

The politically not compulsory but socially imposed in a tyrannical way – headscarf

Walking as an 'uncovered' woman in the streets signifies that you will hear covered women saying to you, when passing nearby, “prostitute, may God curse you!” or “prostitute's daughter, may your mother's house collapse”. Walking further on, if you still have the courage, you will expose yourself to vulgar street boys – and in these lewd and barbaric societies there are plenty because the home and school education are such that they proliferate – touching part of your body, and then screaming loudly to you “prostitute”. You will have no one to call to your help because in these – 'democratic' – societies, (uneducated and cannibalistic as they are) men ally themselves automatically with other men, giving them right and reason for whatever lie they may say against you.

You will not call the police, because the policeman in the best case will ask you authoritatively and menacingly why you do not wear your 'democratic' headscarf to protect yourself from these events. If you say to him that it is your right as female citizen not to wear a headscarf, he will not understand or if he does he will laugh at you because your words would be a proof that you do not know in what country you are living!

Women beaten in the streets because passing sheikhs castigate them

You would be even unluckier if a sheikh passes by, because he would say to all that prostitute women like you, and he would mean it, 'destroy the societies in which they live and are threat for Islam'. If he asks the rest to beat you on the spur of the moment, you will have few chances to go home before spending some days in the hospital. Your family will certainly disapprove of you, and will insist on you stopping the attitude of walking uncovered in the streets.

Bogus-Islamic headscarf means that you accept that a man can beat his wife as it pleases him, even in the case his sexual instincts cannot be materialized because of his inability. The reason for his impotency will be again you, and you will be beaten and insulted without having a chance to find a support even among the men of your family. Terrorized as you lived all your life, you will feel that you should keep silent.

Bogus-Islamic headscarf means that you accept that every woman who stays for a while (let alone sits for half an hour) in her balcony is a prostitute, a dirty woman who either wants to attract you – which is a transgression according to the falsehood that your sheikh presented you as Islam and you stupidly believed him – or plans to destroy the good manners of the society. You will find strange that, in these cities of the south whereby people should spend more time in the balconies especially in the long hot summer evenings, you don't find but very few enjoying their time in there, but again this is the practice in these 'democratic' societies to which idiotic liberals or conspiring apostate Freemasons want to add Turkey.

Bogus-Islamic headscarf means that you believe that the uncovered woman who sits in her balcony commits a sin, whereas you will never imagine that – if there is a sin in this case – the sin is yours who keep looking to that balcony and the uncovered woman. Very humanist, very European, very democratic approach!

Alcohol is for homosexuals and prostitutes only!

Bogus-Islamic headscarf means that you believe you know everything about Islam, and can therefore say what is correct and what is wrong, repeating what your illiterate sheikh told you; you contribute therefore to the establishment of a tyrannical society whereby anything you consider as un-Islamic has to be obliterated by all means. If the dissimulation tactics of your supposedly pro-Western dictator does not allow him to prohibit alcohol, you and your tyrannical friends - and supposed brothers in Barbarism - carry out a social tyranny by attacking anyone who may wish to drink some beer in the street. And if a bar or club is left to serve alcohol, you tyrannically impose on the terrorized society the theory that those who frequent there are homosexuals, prostitutes, and prostitution dealers.

Wear headscarf, and buy narcotics for your child!

Bogus-Islamic headscarf means that you, as wife to your husband, wear headscarf so that he does not divorce you, and on full agreement with him, you offer to your children drugs that your building's doorman can easily sell to you. Sheikhs condemn free or premarital sex, and alcohol, but not the drugs!

Is this the reason European politicians and statesmen, journalists and intellectuals so actively support Turkish minority leader Erdogan to stay in power? Do they need to sell to Turkey as much as they sell to Saudi Arabia and other barbaric and besotted – thanks to extensive use of narcotics – Arabic speaking tyrannical societies?