Europe prepares a Kurdish Genocide in Turkey


By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

April 29, 2007 (

Deliberate misunderstanding; hypocritical presentation of facts; distortion of events; duplicitous attitude towards a much envied country; deceitful support towards an analphabetic thug masqueraded as democratic premier; outrageous enmity addressed against the only supporters of Democracy in a much divided country; criminal and inhuman vilification of the historical past; all this combined with an blindness as regards the consequences, the repercussions and the ramifications of the villain stand; all this characterizes the present European stance towards Turkey. Not only it will cause an incommensurable drawback of Democracy in Europe and the World of Islam but it also trigger civil strife in Europe and a Kurdish Genocide inn Turkey.

To urgently change attitude, European Manichaean politicians and administrators must focus on following points to see what the result of their irresponsible policies will be.

Removing Erbakan in 1997: the real mistake of the Turkish military

The result has been analyzed repeatedly; due to legislation that eliminates small parties and does not allow a proportional representation of the vote, Erdogan’s party got an overwhelming parliamentary majority with less than one third of the voters. This is one point. From here up to assuming that all the Erdogan’s supporters were Islamists and rejected the Secular, Laic character of the Turkish State there is a huge gap.

In fact, Erdogan’s party is a continuation of Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan’s party; the military, backed by the US and England, committed a terrible mistake in the 90s when they reacted in the wrong way and brought down a coalition between the parties of Necmettin Erbakan and Prof. Dr. Tansu Ciller, Turkey’s first female premier; according to the terms of an agreement the first served as premier for almost two years, forming a parliamentary majority thanks to the votes of the latter, who would become again prime minister at the end of the agreed period thanks to the votes of the former. At that moment, the military establishment threatened to interfere and managed that Tansu Ciller’s deputies do not support the second coalition, putting therefore an end to the political career of Erbakan.

Yet, a Ciller – Erbakan government for two years would have been the remedy of many critical issues, and without solving many other problems, it would have helped better integrate the then nascent Turkish Islamist elite into the secular state’s ideals and practices.

This is what the US and Europe tried to avoid, pressurizing over the Turkish military to put an end to Prof. Erbakan’s political career. What the Western diplomats and military attempted in 1996 – 1997 Turkey seems almost lethal for the West and its interests. At those days it looked as Western Christian and Freemasonic hatred of Islam in general. Today it looks like a corroboration of any argumentation about the West’s role in mounting up an Islamic Extremist and Terrorist movement.

Manichaean Westerners: preferred rogue analphabets to Turkish academia

Why on earth should the Western paranoia prefer to an academia elite with Ottoman cultural, ideological and philosophical reminiscences an uneducated rogue lumpen-proletariat of Turkish analphabets, who preferred to learn Arabic as first foreign language?

Why eliminate a moderate Muslim to help a hateful extremist rise to power?

Why avert a Turkish expansion in the Middle East that would bring the Iranian Ayatullahs down?

Why allow the barbaric Arab tyrants stay longer in power instead of diffusing Kemal Ataturk’s ideas and principles among various peoples from Syria to Yemen, and from Morocco to Oman?

Why is it difficult to understand that the only way to diffuse Democracy among the vulgar, bestial and criminal dictators of the uncultured, uneducated and uncivilized societies of the so-called Arabic speaking countries is that of Kemal Ataturk?

Why prevent Turkey in the 90s correct and modify the prevailing false Islam, and ultimately eradicate the obscurantist bogus-Islamic theology that has been tyrannically imposed on the barbaric societies of the Middle East due to the analphabetic sheikhs’ grip on power?

All these questions hinge on the paranoid Western attitude towards Islam, and the Western contribution to the rise of the Islamic Extremism. They bear witness to the fact that the West is deeply involved in suicide tactics that help its enemies mount to power and attempt to destroy the Western societies.

What would have helped avoid all the present problems of Turkey and Europe? The study, preparation and rise of a civilized Islamic Democratic Turkish political party in the late 90s that would bring with it to power a civilizing elite that would declare war on the barbaric and coarse sheikhs of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and the Gulf.

The correct time for the correct Islam was the late 90s. Because the West did its best to thwart it, Europe and America were exposed to the barbaric and uncivilized attacks that started with September 11. But they contributed to these phenomena because they did their ingenious best to avert the only development that would become a hindrance to the Islamic Terror.

Islamic Hitler Erdogan does not represent a possible Democratic Choice in Turkey

As we already hinted at, many among the Turks who voted for Erdogan did so as a reaction against the anti-Turkish attitude of Europe – something that is an age-old phenomenon. They were pushed to do by the provocative French stance as regards the fake stories of Armenian Genocide, Pontus Greek Genocide, and other mythical fabrications of purely racist, anti-Turkish character.

In fact, no more than 20% supported Erdogan in the previous elections because of his Islamist conspiracy; the Western European Manichaean diplomats may say any idiotic statement they like, but the truth is this: you cannot accept as Democracy the country where 20% impose through a series of successive trickeries the president of their choice.

Instead of sticking to formalities that disfigure the evidences, Europeans must prove to the rest of the world whether they truly serve the purpose of Democracy and Freedom, by emphasizing on the overwhelming Turkish majority’s will not to have a thuggish, Arab cannibal – like, bogus-president.

If the majority decides in Democracy, formalities that can be used by the Islamic Hitler Erdogan should be left aside.

How compact can truly the European oblivion of Hitler’s rise be?

Of course, the unveiled European intentions are that, following a possible election of lewd thug Abdullah Gul as president, the intensification of Turkey’s arabization / islamization / barbarization will trigger an unavoidable clash with Europe, thus bringing a dead end to the Turkish EU membership candidacy.

But this thought is infantile; who can possibly to win in an unimportant issue and, as consequence, to face a colossal blow in a very critical field?

Manichaean Europeans who reject Turkey, saying Kurdistan is not Europe, seem to forget that at least one third of Turkey’s Kurdish population lives on European soil, in Istanbul’s Western suburbs. They have no idea what disastrous developments they are about to trigger, by hypocritically supporting Erdogan to get his thuggish president elected.

In an earlier article, we spoke of the connection between an Islamist President in Turkey and the forthcoming Islamist riots and rebellions allover Europe, which will be the consequence of the Turkish – European clash that can be easily provoked, suffice it that Europe continues discussing unhistorical, fake events like the so-called Armenian Genocide, Pontus Greek Genocide, and other fictional vices.

Here we will focus on other events that will rather take place in Turkey, yet they will trigger cataclysmic consequences’ effects on Europe. Several European secret services, mainly the French and the Austrian, promote Kurdish guerilla in Turkey, and generally pursue a policy of foreign involvement aiming to provoke a secession of Turkey’s Kurdistan to better fit their paranoid plans.

While Turkey had to address several issues related to mistreatment of Kurdish culture, it is clear that Kurds are more closely linked to Turks due to either mixed marriages and common vision of the World than Scots are with the English. But Kurds are more pro-Western than the Turks, and stronger supporters of a secular, laic state whereby women are equal with men, do not wear the ridiculous bogus-Islamic veil, and find any sort of alcoholic drinks in every super market. Kurds adore cabarets, night life, brothels and discos. One of the worst points of Western ignorance as regards Turkey is the geographic stratification of Erdogan’s true voters (not all, but those who are truly in favor of an Islamic Turkey and oscillate between 15% - 20%).

The forthcoming Kurdish Genocide: Caused by Manichaean European commissioners

Erdogan’s fanatic supporters are the lower middle classes of Istanbul and other big cities in Western Turkey, Edirne, Bursa, and Izmir, the lower middle classes of Ankara, and the provincial middle classes in the central Anatolian plateau and its periphery, involving major cities like Kayseri (Caesarea), Konya (Iconium), Afyon, Isparta, Eskisehir, Adana, Mersin, Gaziantep, Elazig, and Malatya (Meltene). Those exposed to contact with the Balkans (Bosnians, Albanians, Kosovars, oppressed Turks of Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania) are even more radicalized.

Erdogan’s party gathers little support in areas with traditional nationalistic fever, like the Black Sea coast, and Erzurum, and similarly it gets low results among the Kurds either in the Istanbul periphery or in Eastern Anatolia, Urfa, Diyarbakir, Mardin, Hakkari. The socioeconomic developments of the last 60 years changed Anatolia to great extent, making of Istanbul the greatest Kurdish city in the world. This alone would be enough reason to for anyone to understand the utopia of a Kurdish secession.

With the Kurds finding the Socialist – Social-democrats as a way to politically differentiate during the times of Kemalist orthodoxy that denied their existence, today’s Kurds represent the strongest element of the Turkish Left. A Kurdish state seceding out of Turkey would have ideas and principles diametrically opposed to those of the Iraqi, Syrian and Iranian Kurds. This shows also the impossibility of sizeable Kurdistan that would bring together areas form Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, only to ensure an incredible bloodshed that seems to be badly wanted by some criminal circles of American and European apostate Freemasons.

Kurds, if their identity was accepted within the Kemalist state, would be its strongest supporters; the state run economy of the first Kemalist decades, the strong Welfare state, the socialist ideals, the Westernized lifestyle, the secular character of the society, and the rejection of the religion as an anachronistic and obscurantist dogma that brought only disaster did not find better supporters in Kemalist Turks than the Kurds.

The Kurds against Erdogan’s “pigs of Islam”

All this makes of the Kurds the antipodes of the Erdogan’s fanatic and obscurantist supporters; the enmity between the two diametrically opposed groups of peoples has risen to unprecedented height.

The Kurds will never accept the “pigs of Islam” destroy their wonderfully free and cool daily life that involves alcohol, disco, cabarets, prostitutes, and intense night life; Istanbul in particular is the converging point of any prostitute originating from Balkans, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Central Asia, and the tyrannized Arabic speaking societies of the Middle East.

For the Kurds, Abraham died, Jesus died, and Muhammad died. Religion has no place in their lives and dreams.

The extremist fanatic elements that Erdogan tried to unleash from their slums and mosques believe that, although they can terrorize the Turkish middle classes, promoting their barbaric version of bogus-Islam, they will face great difficulty when clashing with the Kurdish lower middle classes in Istanbul and other Western cities. They also know that, if they impose their cannibalistic, bogus-Islamic barbarism in Konya, Kayseri and elsewhere, the Kurds of Diyarbakir and Urfa will understand that they need to urgently set up and live in another state, clean of the Islamic pestilence.

The Islamic extremists of Erdogan, who would be the only to rejoice with a lead thug like Abdullah Gul as president of Turkey, consider the Kurds truly ‘infidels’ and want to impose on them a cruel, revengeful Islamic tyranny to penalize them for disdaining their ‘Islam’.

Erdogan’s Islamist supporters ready for Civil War and Genocide

All this is not limited at the level of feelings, and hate literature in opposite newspapers; unrestricted, illiterate sheikhs excite, during their Satanic Khutbahs (sermons preceding the Friday prayer in the mosques), the uneducated masses of Erdogan’s supporters to crimes against the Kurds in the name of Islam’s defense.

If Erdogan’s unrepresentative MPs are allowed to elect their thug for president, nothing will prevent Erdogan from making Friday a non working day, turning Sunday to working day. Legislature against the brothels and the alcohol consumption will make the Kurds rise to a rebellion against the barbaric and undemocratic Erdogan administration.

Lynching has meanwhile risen to a considerable social problem in Turkey and for the slightest reason, Kurds moving to or living in cities with high percentage of Erdogan’s supporters have repeatedly faced such fate. Fights between groups ended in many casualties recently in Konya, when Kurdish workers were despised by the Islamo-nazists of Hitler Erdogan.

If Abdullah Gul becomes president, the overwhelming rejection of the barbaric Erdogan administration by the Kurds will be a shock for Turkey. The only way for Erdogan to survive will be to send his followers, not army, to Diyarbakir and the other Kurdish region.

Contrarily to what happened in the last years of the Ottoman Empire, when defense against the attacking Russian enemies and their Fifth Phalange (the Armenians) imposed removal of the latter from their homeland, in the forthcoming civil war in Turkey, the Islamist supporters of Erdogan will have the intention to exterminate the Kurds as infidels who have practically rejected Islam. It will certainly be a Genocide because there will be intention in the mass extermination.

Olli Rehn helps Erdogan’s Islamists materialize a Kurdish Genocide

This Kurdish Genocide EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn wants to help materialize; that is why he spoke against the Turkish army statement that clarified that the army was following the election process with concern and would not shy away from defending secularism.

The army statement has caused a real stir in Turkey, as it is seen as a direct warning to the government, and as a excellent expression of the feelings of the outright majority of the Turks and the Kurds. The statement is also a message to the judges in the Constitutional Court, whereby the issue will be discussed next week, to declare the vote invalid and dissolve parliament, our correspondent says.

Opposing the wishes of more than 80% of the citizens of Turkish republic made a hateful comment, stating that “it was important that the military left democracy to the democratically-elected government”. The EU Enlargement Commissioner forgot that if the military defend a Cause shared by an outright majority, they have to voice it out.

Mr. Rehn’s weak memory did not help him understand that Hitler had also run before 73 years a “democratically-elected government”. It was precisely as Mr. Rehn said “the rules of the democratic game” that Hitler exploited first, only to later unleash the inhuman frenzy of the Jewish Holocaust. Asking the Turkish Army to leave Erdogan’s hands free, Mr. Rehn prepares the situation that will help Erdogan’s pathetic and barbaric followers carry out the already planned Kurdish Genocide.