European Manichaeism, the End of Turkey, and the Subversion of Europe  

By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

April 29, 2007 (

In an earlier article concerning the 50-year celebration of European treaties and reunification efforts, we characterized European establishments as Manichaean in terms of contents and form, predicting a total failure in the ill-conceived and malignantly-executed patchwork of grandeur and arrogance. The recent developments in Turkey, the first turn of the presidential vote, the General Staff statement, and the aberrational stand European authorities have taken corroborate our verdict. This Europe has no future.

The Secret Plans of the Cannibalistic, bogus-Islamic Premier of Turkey

Turkey is at the crossroads. Bought up by Saudi, Qatari, Kuwaiti, and Emirati bogus-princes and tyrants masqueraded as ‘kings’, the anti-Turkish gangsters that prevailed within Turkey’s Islamic party advance day by day their vociferously anti-Turkish and anti-European agenda; their intentions are very clear.

The quasi-analphabetic thugs of Erdogan intend to turn the illuminated, laic, secular and republican Turkey, built with great sacrifice and unique vision by Kemal Ataturk and his followers, to a bogus-Islamic realm of vulgar barbarism that will end up in an obscurantist, backward theocracy like Egypt, Syria, Arabia, Nigeria and Pakistan.

They want to turn the civilized and occidental Turkish society to a hideous and chaotic abode, similar to the so-called ‘Arab’ barbaric and cannibalistic societies whereby bestial men – who consider themselves ‘true Muslims’ – rape uncovered women in the dark streets of filthy slums only to later accuse them of adultery and to have them killed without trial.

In doing so, Erdogan and his lewd Foreign Minister have been masqueraded as Democratic supporters of the European integration of Turkey; this is a terrible lie. They do not want Europe, and they know that Europe does not want them.

The vitriolic hatred and anti-European hysteria of Erdogan and Abdullah Gul are not and will never be expressed in public; these filthy, inhuman feelings, their hypocrisy, duplicity, and mendacity are typical to that of the Wahhabi sheikhs who are their tutors. They mendaciously extirpated European support for nominal changes of democratization in Turkey, at the same moment they unleashed the forces of darkness throughout the country.

By stimulating the lowest elements of the Turkish society, and by promising to them an Islamic theocratic Turkey – that will not be Turkey anymore –, they mobilized them to pressurize and intimidate the pro-European, pro-Western, illuminated majority of Turks. A minority group that represents less than 20% of the Turkish society has been mobilized to Islamize a society that was much more Western than Greece, Portugal, Cyprus or Southern Italy.

Playing with the Europeans a political game and publicly diffusing ideas that they never believed, namely that of Turkey’s European integration, they remained for too long in power, using European diplomats’ positive comments to calm down the Turkish military establishment, and to ensure them about their supposed secular, Kemalist loyalty.

The European establishments did not realize what was at stake; many European political establishments had a correct and positive approach to Turkey’s adhesion to the European Union, namely Britain, Italy (mainly the Berlusconi administration), Poland, Spain, and the Schroeder administration in Germany. But they were gullible, believing that Erdogan’s commitment to Western values was true, and overlooking his arabization / barbarization of Turkish politics.

The other part of Europe, represented by racist, reactionary France and its anti-Turkish empathy, played precisely the game Erdogan, Gul, and their secret Wahhabi sheikhs and instructors wanted them to play. By rejecting the indisputably European and Western character and nature of Ataturk’s state, they offered the best possible present to the Erdogan thuggish and cannibalistic gang, who galvanized their supporters, offering them as examples of the European anti-Islamic and anti-Turkish hatred the idiotic discourses of Angela Merkel and Alain Juppe – the worst of the French politicians and losers.

This perverse part of the European Freemasonic establishment acted in purely Manichaean way, knowing where it would all end. They knew that Turkey is far more important for Europe’s future than France or Germany; they knew that by offering him the present Erdogan wanted, they contributed to the end of Turkey. And at the same time they knew that the end of Turkey would bring about the end of Europe. That is why this group of irresponsible politicians has to be held as main cause of the forthcoming disasters of Europe.

What will happen if Abdullah Gul becomes a president in Turkey?

The Erdogan administration will seek to ensure its tenacious grip on the power; it will try to get re-elected. Having got less than one third of the voters, due to the multi-division of the opposition, the arabising / barbarizing party of Turkey has already advanced much the project of absolute disentanglement of Turkey from the Western world. Most probably Erdogan’s party will not be stronger in the new elections, but with the division of the nationalistic, republican and social-democratic opposition, and with the present legislation still valid, it can get re-elected, even with 30% of the voters.

The Islamist parliament of Turkey will then try to pass further legislation to eliminate any possibility of the military interfering into the politics, or staying as an independent center of power. For this purpose, it may even advance de-militarization plans, and introduce Islamist militias, imitating the barbarism of Saudi Arabia. It will generate an unbearable social barbarism – similar to that of Egypt, Libya, Pakistan whereby any uncovered woman is threatened in the streets and treated as prostitute.

It will not take much for Turkey to cease to be Turkey.

This will of course be considered as ‘good’ for the Manichaean Freemasonic idiots of Europe; at a certain point, some of them - French, German, Austrian it makes no difference - will bring a dead end to the ridiculous and duplicitous story of negotiations. This will speed up the barbarization / arabization / islamization of Turkey, and the country will start playing a key role in the Islamic Terror’s plans for European subversion to Islam. Soon, alcohol will be prohibited in Turkey in the way it truly is in Egypt, and there will be no more uncovered women in the streets of Istanbul. A European city turned to sort of villain Cairo….

When the Paris suburbs’ riots will be repeated, the screaming Allah u Akbar will be the Spectrum that will terrorize Europe from Lyon to Muenchen and from Stockholm to Napoli. Then, Gul as President and Erdogan as Premier of ‘Turkey’ – which will not be Turkey – will protest against the European lack of Tolerance, and they try to make the equation West = East, as it has been so far made by the monstrous, barbaric and inhuman so-called ‘Arab’ politicians, intellectuals and statesmen. You say we are not tolerant, and we say you are not tolerant, which is the epitome of Arab barbarism.

The clash of Civilizations will be attributed by the ignorant, analphabetic friends of Gul and Erdogan to the European anti-Islamism, and Europe will become theater of unprecedented fights and civil wars, as the Islamic minorities will join forces with the unemployed and the lumpen-proletariat.

It will not take much for Europe to cease to be Europe.

For these reasons, European politicians and administrators should understand that

1. General Yasar Buyukanit represents Turkish public opinion to far greater extent than the Islamist Premier. There is no 30% majority but in tyrannical regimes whereby it ensures minorities in totalitarian rule. Erdogan and his party do not represent Turkey, and the presidential vote is illegitimate. The main opposition CHP party said it will challenge the election in court because only 361 MPs were present at the vote, fewer than the 367 it says is required for a quorum. The Supreme Court of Turkey will deliberate on this issue.

2. You do not need actually to participate in elections in order to represent the common sense and the public opinion in a country; you need to be elected only to legislate.

3. When the anti-Islamic parties of Turkey total more than two thirds of the Turks, one can immediately understand what electoral support would General Buyukanit get, if participating in elections with main subject ‘Secular Turkey or Islamic Extremism’.

4. EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn should think twice before making his ridiculous and irrelevant statement: "It is important that the military leaves the remit of democracy to the democratically elected government and this is a test case if the Turkish armed forces respect democratic secularism and the democratic arrangement of civil-military relations".

Mr. Rehn should follow the recent developments in Turkey not from his office but from the streets and the beaches of Izmir whereby female Islamist gangsters try to dissuade free citizens of Turkey from behaving like European citizens, and enjoying the beaches and the streets in bathing suits.

Except Mr. Rehn believes that the female European citizens have rights that should remain out of reach for female Turkish citizens. This, said by him, would make sense, however; it would bear evidence to the brilliant European Manichaeism that will soon bury the entire bogus creature of EU.