Fareed Zakaria’s Ulcerous Hatred for Democracy, Turkey and Islam


By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

May 26, 2007 (http://www.buzzle.com/articles/fareed-zakaria-ulcerous-hatred-democracy-turkey-islam.html)

In an earlier article we described the strategic plans devised and advanced by the circles where Newsweek’s columnist Fareed Zakaria and his former professor, the notorious Samuel Huntington, belong. The implementation of the serpentine borderlines envisioned by the murderous, perverse pseudo-professor leads to the rise of a Middle Eastern apocalyptic Muslim leader of paranoid anti-Western hatred and genocidal anti-Israeli stance, to a Russian dictator in the temptation to manipulate the Muslim leader, and last but not least to a European Emperor who will unit and militarize Europe before invading the Middle East to revenge and exterminate Israel’s terminator.

Turkey: the only obstacle to global collapse

For all this paranoid plan of mass extermination to happen, there is only one obstacle; it is the country that on Huntington’s map stands independent between the worlds of Christian Orthodox Eastern Europe and Islamic Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia: Turkey.

The country founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk presents the most successful model of radical political change of the 2nd millennium. What country moved faster from a decayed, false, obscurantist and barbaric form of Islam (or any sort of theocracy) to Western style Democracy with Voting Rights for Women within just 7 years (1919 – 1926)? What revolution abolished religion – based, 13-century old legislation to introduce a modern, democratic, legal system? What government had the strength to overwhelmingly change the writing system of a language, despite its deeply rooted religious connotation? Only Turkey.

This did not happen without counter-revolutions, insurgence and blood, as it contradicted 100% the traditional culture of people who had lived 40, 50 or 60 years without imagining any other political system than the abolished one! Like every revolution, in the beginning, it expressed the ideals and concepts, the visions and the wishes of a dynamic group of minority. The French and the October Soviet revolutions are typical examples; despite the colossal changes, Turkey and Kemal Ataturk did not have their Vendée….

However, all this does not mean much to Mr. Fareed Zakaria, an Indian born American who has little memories of Indian Islam, and no knowledge of Islam in Persia, Central Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans, Africa, and of course Turkey.

Yet, as his masters order, he writes as much as he can and as fallaciously as he can in order to help form a US and global public opinion sympathetic to those who want to destroy Turkey’s aforementioned brilliant achievements, and pull the country back to the Middle Ages. With disastrous ramifications for the entire world.

A Prayer for Democracy or a Democracy for Prayers - only?

Fareed Zakaria’s ignorance and inconsistence is ostensible throughout his brief article. We find it as a good opportunity to reveal how dysfunctional has the Western mass media world become, and to what pathetic propaganda today’s readers are exposed.

The article has a provocatively confusing and irrelevant title, namely ‘A Quiet Prayer for Democracy’; it was published in the Newsweek’s May 14, 2007 issue (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18507649/site/newsweek/).

Truly speaking, there cannot be any prayer for any type of Democracy; neither a Jew nor a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, and a Buddhist need to pray or think of praying for Democracy. It never occurred in the History of the Mankind! Ancient Romans did not pray for the Res Publica, American and French 18th century revolutionaries did not pray for their Democracies, and no one has ever prayed for an establishment. A country that is linked to a God in cases of theocracy can certainly be the object of a prayer, but never did a democratic establishment became a concern for prayer. The political establishment itself is religious connotation free.

Does Fareed Zakaria favour Excision institutionalized in Turkey?

Why does Fareed Zakaria make this confusion? This is easy to grasp; he prepares his mainly Christian readership for emotional terrorism, namely for the presentation of his theory that Democracy is threatened in Turkey in case a religious group and political party will be ejected from power. The fact that this religious group is made out of Islamic Terrorists, who want to impose excision and headscarf on women, is what Fareed Zakaria tries to camouflage.

It is quite interesting to follow the comical forger: instead of speaking of Turkey, he first writes an entire paragraph about a most irrelevant topic: events in the ‘Arabic’ world! His text reads as follows:

"Over the past five years, President Bush has made various efforts to reform the Arab world. They have all stumbled over one enormous obstacle. In the region, the people who win elections are not democrats. They seem to believe in elections (at least as long as they win), but not in the individual rights, laws and traditions that create a genuine liberal democracy. The administration has pushed for elections in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt, only to find that religious fundamentalists have triumphed in most of them. Except in Turkey".

Turkey does not belong to the fictitious ‘Arab’ world

Read and laugh: "efforts to reform the Arab world"! A former Clinton’s adviser would say: ‘Turkey does not belong to the ‘Arab world, stupid’! President Bush did not make any effort to reform the political system of Turkey as Turkey had been accepted as fully accredited democratic state in NATO before this Fareed Zakaria was born!

Franco’s Spain was not accepted in the NATO because it was not a democratic country! As of Indian origin, Fareed Zakaria probably does not know Spain because India was not colonized by Spain! This must be the logic behind Fareed Zakaria’s trauma: we remember only those who colonized us.

It is because Turkey is already accepted as fully accredited democratic establishment that negotiations have started for Turkey’s adhesion in the EU. There will never be negotiations with Tunisia and Morocco, Fareed!

There is no ‘Arab world’; it’s a fabrication

Even worse, for the ignorant Mr. Fareed, there is no Arab world, and this is the reason President Bush’s efforts have failed! There can never be a democratic system in a disfigured country where the outright majority have fallen victims of the diffusion of a colonial ideological fabrication, such as the Pan-Arabism, a grave falsification of the History of numerous peoples and nations living the area between Iran and the Atlantic Ocean. Only according to this falsehood, there is an ‘Arab world’, but this has been ferociously rejected by the revolting masses of many peoples, who despite the criminal colonial work of the falsified History diffusion, deploy great effort to discover their real identity, rejecting the hideous stigma of ‘Arab’.

Basics in History of the Middle East and Africa would let the unfortunate Mr. Fareed know that all the Arabs of the times of the Prophet did not exceed in number the population of one Egyptian, Aramaean, Persian or Roman city (like Alexandria, Edessa of Osrhoene, Ctesiphon or Caesarea of Cappadocia). With the (non Arab) Yemenites accepting Islam before the death of the Prophet, and with Nestorian Aramaeans accepting Islam (viewed as another Christological dispute) easily as early 636 – 639, one can effortlessly understand that the armies that diffused Islam in Iran, in Egypt, and in the NW African Atlas were composite Aramaean – Yemenite – Arab armies. Those among them who settled in the newly occupied lands consisted in a minority of less than 1% of the local population (Egyptian, Persian, Berberic, Bactrian, Sogdian.

The expansion of Islam brought about a gradual, advanced islamization that ended up in linguistic arabization, but this was partly, and linguistic only, not cultural and not racial. The main populations remained Berberic in the area of Mauritania, Morocco, Western Sahara, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya (Berberic – Khammitic). In Egypt, the wide populations were Egyptian, Khammitic, and there were many Macedonians, greeks, Aramaeans, Jews, etc mixed up with Egyptians and Nubians (Nilo-Saharan); on the other hand, in Sudan the indigenous people were Khammitic – Kushitic and Nilo-Saharan. In Yemen, they were Sabaean, Himyarite, Hadhramawti Yemenites, again different than the Arabs, and in the vast area of the Asiatic Middle East that corresponds to the area of today’s Syria, Iraq, SE Turkey, SW Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Kuwait, E Arabia, Qatar and Emirates was the Aramaean homeland.

No Democracy as long as you preserve the Pan-Arabist Myth

All these peoples were tyrannically transformed to ‘Arabs’ over the past 200 years to satisfy the needs of the colonial powers that through the diffusion of this falsehood and various other academic falsifications and manipulations shaped the main developments; however, here and there various peoples have persistently good memory of their past, preserve a high degree of self knowledge and national identity, and want to reject the Arab stigma at all costs. The tyrannical imposition of the Arab bogus-identity brought forth terrible dictatorship, and it is expected that under circumstances like this no democracy can be established. But all this remains unknown to Mr. Fareed.

After this paragraph comes the big boom; "religious fundamentalists" have won in recent elections in various tyrannies of the so-called ‘Arab world’, "except in Turkey". Turkey is not part of this hypothetical bogus-world, but Fundamentalists have won and got the majority of the Turkish Parliament, and Fareed seems to forget it. Yet, Fareed goes ahead; the text reads:

"In Turkey the popular ruling party, the AK—despite some background with political Islam—has proved to be the most open, modern and liberal political movement in Turkey's history."

Erdogan means Excision Imposed in Turkey

AK, the ruling party of premier Erdogan, has ‘some background with political Islam’! This is a euphemism for the governmental party that promotes separate beaches for men and women, separate schools for boys and girls, prohibition of the alcohol, elimination of the brothels, imposition of the headscarf through social terror, imposition of Friday as the week’s only non working day, imposition of the Arabic as the first foreign language, imposition of the Arabic writing system for Turkish (return to the Ottoman system), compulsory excision for women, etc. If Fareed calls this ‘some background’, you can understand for yourselves what will come out of the Turkish - Islamist Pandora’s Box….

Fareed’s text turns then out to be an advertorial; Erdogan’s obscurantist party becomes "the most open, modern and liberal political movement in Turkey’s history"! A good PR effort to establish a link between the neo-liberals and the old-extremists! In reality, Fareed proves to be too young and too ignorant; the attributes fit better Turgut Ozal’s envisioned politics in the 80s and the 90s; he opened Turkey to the world, introduced modernity in every sense, and promoted the liberal economy.

The only threat for Turkey is Erdogan!

Then comes a big lie:

"That extraordinary achievement may now be in peril because of the overreaction of Turkey's secular (and unelected) establishment."

What extraordinary an achievement!

You play the game of the cannibalistic emirs of the Gulf and they come to invest in your country; you create a Gulf money bubble at the Istanbul stock exchange, and to help you destroy yourself even faster, US and UK statesmen and politicians order these emirs to invest even more, to lace you with them, while at the same time they discredit you in the West through French refusal of Turkey’s adhesion to the EU, and through disreputable and machinated stirring of the 100-year old Armenian affair. What is there to be noticed in all this as ‘extraordinary’, except misery?

And by whom are these misdemeanors endangered? Fareed has the answer: ‘secular (and unelected) establishment’! That’s ridiculous! ‘Secular’ has nothing to do with elections, it reflects an ideological inclination. You cannot say ‘liberal (and unelected) establishment’ because the two terms pertain to different categorization. By associating them to one another, Fareed tries to demonize the principle of secularism; as effort, this is a failure, and it demonstrates how little Fareed Zakaria and his circle care about Democracy. Among the most important elements of Democracy, Secularism helps people of different religious backgrounds live together peacefully. This certainly disturbs the secretive friends of Mr. Zakaria, whose agenda mainly contains divisions, strives, enmities and wars, arms sales and drugs sales. Furthermore, it is wrong to assume that Turkey’s secular establishment is not elected; the President was elected, and the pro-secular parties of the opposition have been elected. If we accept the lies said by Abdullah Gul, the Turkish foreign minister, to Fareed, even Erdogan’s party is pro-secular, so that too got elected.

It is strange why Fareed Zakaria fails to formulate sentences like ‘the secular and unelected establishment of France’ or ‘the royal and unelected establishment of England’; the terms would be equally valid.

What starts as ludicrous ends up as preposterous; now Fareed remembers that he is a journalist. As matter of act, he behaves as a journalist, and tries to convince people allover the world that the truth is as easy to say as nothing! He calls Abduallh Gul to ask him whether he has a hidden Islamic Agenda! And he says he does not!

To whom is this Fareed man talking? Does he take his readers as idiots who would believe that it is up to a telephone call to get the precise and true answer from a …… politician?

Call Putin to ask him his ideas about Kosovo! His next move in Abkhazia!

Perhaps you could help your fellow country men if you called Putin to ask him whom he is going to murder next, among those he frozenly wrote on his blacklist!

Anyone allover the world would laugh with a statement of the sort; any person older than 4 knows that politicians and statesmen are genuine liars who would not stay for a moment in their positions unless they keep ceaselessly, shamelessly and criminally saying lies, common lies, filthy lies!

But Abdullah Gul, marveled by the perspicacity of Fareed Zakaria’s question, told him ……everything! What a laugh! Follow Fareed’s text:

"All the political and legal maneuvering aside, the issue at stake is very simple. Does the AK Party have a hidden Islamic agenda that it would implement once its nominee for the presidency, Abdullah Gul, attained that office?

I put that question to the urbane Gul, currently the foreign minister, during a phone conversation last week. "No," he said flatly".

Since Abdullah Gul said ‘no’, you can be sure than he meant ‘yes, they have a hidden Islamic agenda’!

How to find out easily Erdogan’s hidden agenda!

For those among you who do not believe me, and for the supposedly great editor Fareed Zakaria, I can tell you how you will discover the hidden and unconfessed agenda of Gul, Erdogan, and their likes: you let politicians spend their time calmly, and you let your beard grow. ….

You buy your return ticket to Konya (through Istanbul or Ankara). You go to the first political meeting of the Erdogan’s party that is held there. There are plenty. Eventually, you attend a Friday prayer at a mosque in the whereabouts of Jelaleddin Roumi Mevlana magnificent tomb and monument. You manage to have translator and you disguise yourself as a Bosnian or Tatar Muslim from Russia, who immigrated to the country where you are currently living. You say that due to decades of socialism, you were not taught the faith of your ancestors that you want to practice from now on.

Thus, you are entrusted, and nobody is going to ask your passport to check whether you are Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Buddhist or Hindu.

Gradually you start asking them about their program and Erdogan’s program, what they want to bring as change in Turkey, how long they plan to live under Turkey’s secular Constitution (in case Erdogan wins the elections), and whether they believe it is good for them to tolerate uncovered women in the streets of Turkey. Meet the imam of the person you first talked to; meet some Konya deputies of Erdogan; they are stupid, they will believe your story, and you will get it all.

It will certainly cost you more than Fareed Zakaria’s international call to Abdullah Gul; but it will cost you less than the Islamic headscarves you will have to buy for your wife, mother, sister and daughter.

You may have an objection there because you say you are Christian or Jewish, Belgian or American! It matters not! A sheikh plans already the headscarf that your female relatives will be forced to wear, whether they like it or not; ask Erdogan’s follower in Konya. He will tell you everything. You then make an international call – for charity purpose, of course; call Fareed Zakaria….