Independent Kurdistan: the End of EU and NATO

By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

May 13, 2007 (

In two earlier articles we presented some of the reasons that imperatively prohibit the establishment of an independent Kurdistan in parts of today’s Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Here, we will analyze the consequences of such a demented attempt.

Turkey must deploy great effort in Kurdish Education

As it happens, with Turkey solidly rooted in Kemal Ataturk’s ideals of Secular and Laic Democracy, the Turkish part of what is imaginatively called Kurdistan will never have a chance of seceding. And there is practically speaking no reason.

With a great number of mixed marriages that dwarfs those made between Scots and English in Great Britain, with at least one third of Turkey’s Kurds living in Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Aydin, Ankara and other Western cities, and with the linguistic and religious multi-division that exists among them, the Kurds will never be able to formulate a logical and comprehensive plead for independence.

The aforementioned does not mean – we underscore this in the most marked way – that Turkey’s Kurds’ situation in Turkey is acceptable. Turkey must become the Vicar of the Kurdish Renaissance to avoid secession and to demonstrate its democratic structure, practice and aspirations. It is extremely important that Turkey proves in the case of the various ethnic groups that are collectively called Kurds a real democratic sensitivity, demonstrating that Colonial European nations that were involved in nation-building efforts in Asia and Africa were interested for exploitation of other nations, and they had a very erroneous view over the subject.

Correct Bilingualism: Turkish / Zaza, Turkish / Kurmandja, etc.

Instead of the vicious and antihuman colonial version of Nation-building that involves always more than two ethnic groups within the false – colonially made – borders and leads to premeditated massacres and national extinction of many peoples (from the Oromos to the Berbers, and from the Mahranis to the Bejas – without forgetting the Rwanda Genocide), Turkey - pertinently acting in the case of the Kurdish populations - must provide equality among all the so-called Kurdish ethnic groups.

With a proper plan, there will be no central Kurdish language imposed – as the criminal French Freemasonic plans inhumanly dictate – but every dialect will be promoted to status of second national language in the Primary and the Secondary Education, along with Turkish. This must also happen with Kurdish – unrelated languages, namely Aramaic and Armenian.

Turkey should be committed to Equal and Reasonable Development of all the languages spoken on its territory, promoting publications, journalism, and even university studies in these languages. When there will be Zaza medium, Aramaic medium, Kurmandja medium, Armenian medium universities in Turkey (with Turkish as second, parallel, means), the tiniest chance for an independent Kurdistan will cease to exist.

Promoting, developing, consolidating all the existing dialects, through means of primary and secondary education courses, textbooks, school manuals, bilingual (with Turkish) magazines and newspapers, cinema, radio and TV stations, and literature awards, is the only democratic and human way of averting the nightmare of an Independent Kurdistan that will be detrimental to its neighbors, and lethal to its minorities.

Yet, Kurdistan remains the main target of the perverse and antihuman French Freemasonry.

How can therefore an Independent Kurdistan begin? In Iran? Syria?

Many believe that the first step for this ominous development will take place in Iraq where already exists a dictatorial and – lethal to its minorities – Kurdistan.

Ask the Yezidis, ask the Aramaeans, ask the Mandaeans, ask the Turkmens: they all reject the perfidious hegemony of two Kurdish clans that currently prevail in the Mesopotamian North.

Compared to Sadr city, Iraqi Kurdistan looks like a Heaven.

Yet, compared to Eastern Turkish cities with sizeable Kurdish populations, like Mardin, Diyarbakir and Tatvan, Iraqi Kurdistan is the bottom of Hell.

Contrarily to the expectations of many, the really first step for an Independent Kurdistan is planned to take place outside Kurdistan: it will be the dictatorial imposition of Erdogan and Gul in Turkey, and the rise of the Islamic Republic of Turkey.

Independent Kurdistan anticipates an Islamic Republic in Turkey

The main reason behind Europe’s unconditional, undemocratic and epileptic support to Erdogan’s totalitarian attempts to seize power in Turkey where he does not represent more than a fifth of the country’s population is as simple as that: Independent Kurdistan.

Why one encourages what one disavows?

Because these are the two measures and two weights of the apostate Freemasonic Lodge that controls the French political arena, and through France the rest of European Union, machinating disastrous changes in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Through their machinations, they manage and maneuver their targeted victims to be engulfed into situations that they disavow for the territory they control.

They prohibit ‘Islamic’ headscarf in the French schools but they support someone who will impose it throughout Turkey!

The overwhelming support got by Erdogan through the duplicitous and bogus-democratic instances of European Union is all due to the Grand Orient de France political machinations. Through this they target to trigger the creation of an Independent Kurdistan. Of course, they do not make this clear to Erdogan himself! They let him focus against the Turkish secular state, against the military, against the Judicial, and against the Turkish people. They offer him overwhelming support of all sorts, until he achieves his goal of getting an Islamist elected as Turkish president.

Then, as soon as he starts Islamizing Turkey, the perfidious and inhuman gangsters of Grand Orient de France, and their besotted puppets, the EU high commissionaires and politicians, will offer all sorts of logistics support to Kurds, further inciting them to rebel against what is already known that Kurds reject in their outright majority.

Why do they therefore encourage what they disavow?

Because they are pursuing new plans of vast Genocide throughout the Middle East. The far fetched plans of Grand Orient de France go beyond Kurdistan, but they are not the subject of the present article.

Oppressed – undeniably – for many long decades, Turkey’s various ‘Kurds’ found always a way to survive. The Turkish state through the imposition of a forced nationalism oppressed the various non-Turkish groups but only as regards their national and linguistic identity. This oppression that has to be totally lifted as soon as possible pales if compared to what is expected to happen to Turkey’s various ‘Kurds’ under Erdogan’s Euro-promoted Islamic Republic.

With alcohol prohibited, with brothels shut down, with ‘Islamic’ headscarf overwhelmingly imposed, Turkey’s various Kurds will feel that, instead of just missing recognition (as they did in the past), they are deprived of the very contents of existence.

When Friday will be the week’s single non-working day, and Kurds will be lynched more often than now in Turkey’s Islamists’ strongholds, ‘Kurdistan’ will become a visible reality.

The Sudden Rise of Kurdistan Urged and Obtained!

Turkey’s Kurds will not achieve Independence but after terribly bloody revolts. An eventual Islamist government would view in them an apostasy from Islam, and this will worsen their situation in the most dramatic way. With confusion diffused among many parties involved, the governments of Armenia, the Kurds of Iraq, and the government of Syria (that French Freemasons want to preserve in power in order to finally instrumentalize it), a major rebellion would result in international intervention. Then, a Kurdish territory would be demarcated within Turkey, and it will be officially recognized – ‘immediately’.

This would demonstrate the French Freemasonic perfidy in the best possible way. Numerous states have been formed over the past years in many different continents: Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Somaliland, Transnistria, Kossovo. For many long years they demand international recognition, without achieving it, precisely because of the French Freemasonic opposition, as their existence does not result from the secret and criminal plans of the apostate Freemasonic lodge that inhumanly and shamelessly diffuses Atheism allover the world. But when it comes to something related to their plans, ‘immediate’ recognition will be urged by all their proxies.

Independence for Kurds – No Rights for Aramaeans – Extermination for Zaza!

Then, the rights of the Aramaeans of Tur Abdin, Mardin, Nusaybin, and Midyat, who will turn out to be minority within the new bogus-state – Freemasonic creature, will totally be disregarded in the same way they are in today’s Iraq.

The same will occur to the Zaza and other peoples falsely called ‘Kurds’ in order to help create the false image of a supposed, great nation of Kurds. What matters for the Freemasonic gangsters of nations is the ‘number’ of Zaza, and other groups. Once this number is added to that of the more numerous ‘Kurdish’ group, Zaza do not exist anymore, and the plan is to have them smashed in the most atrocious way within a totalitarian Kurmandja-centered and Kurmandja-controlled ‘Kurdistan’.

Then, the tyrannical state will merge with the Iraqi Kurdistan where other ‘Kurdish’ groups will be discriminated, as well as the Yezidis and the Aramaeans.

Independent Kurdistan means bloodshed before and after Independence

This tyrannical state will be internally lethal, for the various ethnic and religious groups; at the same time, it will also be detrimental to its neighbours, and by this we do not mean Syria and Iran that will be immediately targeted by the newly born monster of state, the ultimate Middle Eastern Creature of the Freemasonic Frankenstein. It goes without saying that one third of Syria and Iranian Kurdistan and Azerbaijan will be incited to secession.

However the monster ‘Kurdistan’ will come soon to clash with Armenia, reviving century old strife. If the demarcated borderline goes to the North of Idgir, Turkish Kurdistan will border with Armenia. If the province of Ardahan is included within Turkish Kurdistan, then it will also border with Georgia. As peaceful co-existence and rapport de force are the two reasons preventing Armenia from demanding territorial concessions from Turkey, both will not be extant in case a new Kurdistan-monster rises.

Turkey and Armenia need to open a new chapter in their relations, ultimately exorcizing their demons of the past; Diaspora Armenians have been disastrously influenced by the French, and led to a sterile Anti-Turkism, out of which nothing good can come. It would be far better for both, Turkey and Armenia, to put France out of the game. But if there is to be a Kurdistan in regions like Van, Kars and Artvin, Armenia would have legitimate claims, as these areas were historically Armenian for millennia.

Manipulated and besotted Kurds, ready to fight for independence from Turkey in order to suppress ‘Kurdish’ and non-‘Kurdish’ minorities within the monstrous-Kurdistan state, should expect Armenia to rise in support of the Zaza, and to exercise all possible means to avert a Kurmandja tyranny over the Zaza whose language shows affinities with Armenian; then, all options will be open, and the confrontation will certainly lead to a series of wars.

The map of the ensuing Armenian – Kurdish wars

If an independent Kurdistan is monstrously created on Turkish territory, and efforts are made to lead Iranian Kurdistan to secession, this will signify that the Iranian province of Western Azerbaijan will be demanded as part of Kurdistan. Azerbaijan-e Gharbi with Urumiyeh as capital is a pivotal area in the Middle East. At the same time, it reflects millennia – long realities, having a multicultural identity with analogies to Switzerland. Aramaeans, Armenians, Azeris, Turks, Turkmens, various ‘Kurds’, and Persians have lived there for centuries, and the least educated are already bilinguals!

As a matter of act, there are many Armenian monuments and churches in the are, and they are fully functioning: near Maku, Tadeos Vank or Karaklisa (the Black Church as the Turkish name suggests) is the famous Thaddeus monastery that fascinated many travelers over the centuries. Armenians still arrange summer festivals around the impressive in the middle of the valley. In Julfa (Persian side, not Azerbaijani), by the river Aras, St Stefan church is another great monument that gathers many Armenians, particularly those who, persecuted, left Jolfa to go as far as Isfahan and establish a district named Jolfa in the great Persian capital.

If the Iranian province of Western Azerbaijan is to be targeted by an independent Kurdistan, so it will be by Armenia, extending therefore the Kurdish – Armenian warfront over more than 300 km. With the area full of explosive material, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Nakhitchevan, Nagorno Karabakh, one can easily imagine the immensely tragic repercussions of the monstrous creation of an Independent Kurdistan.

Can you imagine an Islamic Turkey with Kurdistan cut off?

This reveals best the ensuing ramifications of the monstrous French Freemasonic undertakings. Wars will proliferate in every direction due to the nefarious twin targets, namely Turkey’s islamization and Kurdistan’s independence, the looming Armenian – Kurdish conflict being just one.

After the Kurdish lynching at the hands of Erdogan’s followers, which has already started, and the wars ensuing from Kurdistan’s secession, we will have to consider the inner strives and fratricidal fracases within the monstrous creature of state. Various ethnic groups presently called ‘Kurdish’, the Yezidis, the Aramaeans, and others will face a terrible oppression.

Yet, the worst will come from an Islamic Turkey whereby an Islamic Terror will oblige Armenians and other Christians to leave the country. Even worse, the Kurds of Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Ankara and other western cities of Turkey, who have no chance to be included in the monstrous Kurdistan state, will face an unprecedented persecution at the hands of fanaticized masses who will consider them as the main reason of Turkey’s ominous fate. Having nowhere to go, they will generate the greatest migration phenomenon in the History of Balkans.

Are Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Serbia ready for 6 million Kurds?

Within a month after a bogus-state is formed in parts of the Eastern provinces of Turkey, fierce troubles in all districts where Kurds live in Western Turkey will oblige them to flee by any possible means, and cross the borders to Greece and Bulgaria. A religious, fanatic, Islamic Republic of Turkey, wounded because of the late discovery of the viciously false promises of the French Freemasons, will first try to get rid of anyone who speaks a language other than Turkish and Arabic. Such the number will be that it will cause chaos in the two neighboring countries, plus Macedonia and Serbia where most probably Athens and Sofia will try to divert as many as they can! Skopje and Belgrade, and to lesser extent Bucharest and Tirana will be concerned with. The Kurdish Balkan migration will eclipse last decade’s terrible Kossovo events by far.

This will be the beginning of the end of the Balkans where more than 5 million Kurds will do what Armenians did in Ottoman areas they crossed, when they were kicked out of their homes; they will try to feed themselves and their wives, elders and children by robbing whatever can be found from markets and gardens, cultivated fields and houses. In doing so either in Bulgaria or in Greece, the fleeing Kurds of Istanbul and Western Turkey will trigger the Fourth Balkan War. The decomposition of Yugoslavia (1991 – 2001, called Third Balkan War) will then prove to have been a really peaceful episode.

The Fourth Balkan War

When the fleeing Kurds enter Greece and Bulgaria, they will mainly encounter, rob, damage and kill Turks, namely the Turkish minority in Greece and the Turkish minority in Bulgaria. As soon as the first casualties will be noticed, Turkey will explode in all-out, uncontainable war that will make the present Balkan borderlines a past memory. Discharging some hundreds of thousands of fanaticized Palestinian, Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian and Iraqi fighters over the Balkans, Islamic Turkey will launch a really imperial style war, whereby the first lines are always manned by fighters of varied, peripheral origin. The image of a Balkan map will rather look like Europe before the 1878 Berlin Congress. The loss will be incommensurable.

Anyone who imagines that Russia would react would prove to be poor History connoisseur; History is never repeated! An Islamic Turkey will be an excellent anti-European, anti-American, and anti-Israeli ally for Russia, incommensurably useful for Moscow’s plans for Jerusalem. And it would simply pathetic to imagine that Russians have no plans for Jerusalem. Actually, many believe that due to this – already existing – alliance between Erdogan and Putin, the Islamist premier of Turkey did not react at all to the newly inaugurated project of Burgaz – Alexandropolis pipeline (involving Russia, Bulgaria and Greece, it is expected to be terminated by 2011), as the Islamists have plans of complete Balkan islamization.

With Islamist Turkey coming to Balkans to persecute the fleeing Kurds and to save the threatened Turks, an unprecedented knock would be given at the same time to both EU and NATO. The two organizations no matter how different they are would prove to be ineffective bodies that cannot secure the integrity of their members.

The EU would then regret for both having overtly supported an Islamist in Turkey and having put obstacles in Turkey’s adhesion to EU. The regret would be intensified by the entrance of Bosnia, Kosovo, and Albania into the Fourth Balkan War, but it would be useless. And almost instantaneously the fire of the rising New Islamic Balkans will expand among the many millions of Muslims in Western Europe, causing Europe’s worst chaos in three millennia. With NATO incapacitated and Europe in chaos, the assault on Israel will be an easy affair, as the US influence has been dramatically decreased due to unwise and pathetic choices and policies pursued in Mesopotamia (Iraq).

It would be wrong to imagine that this scenario is a far fetched story made out the imagination of a political analyst; many details are already known to those who envision themselves as Islam’s guards and defenders. They just wait the time they will be called for this life task; and Erdogan is their leader. They only pray that God besots the French Freemasons, considering their pathetic choices (Atheism, marriages for homosexual couples, evolutionism, etc.) as God’s curse fallen upon unbelievers.